Growing community. Growing opportunity.
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Saint Joseph’s College of Maine is the place where community isn’t just a beautiful campus on the shores of Sebago Lake, but a core Mercy value that lives and breathes in the hearts of the people who experience the place. Here, community grows our talents, sharpens our ambitions, powers our innovations, and magnifies our ability to create a compassionate world. We have been writing this story of community and growth for more than a century. Now it forms the central promise of our new brand. The clarity with which we tell our story will distinguish Saint Joseph’s as a destination for community-minded learners. This is our moment to celebrate an exciting new era in the life of this special institution.

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The world moves fast and attention is short, which demands that we tell our story in the most clear, compelling, and consistent ways. Saint Joseph’s College of Maine will continue to thrive when we are immediately understood and appreciated by ever more people across the country and around the world. With so many messages, communication devices and media channels competing for time and attention, it is critical that we have the language to accurately reflect our promise, and a strong, modern visual identity that resonates in the marketplace.


A brutalist adaptation of the Mercy shield, our current logo is distinctive but does not communicate the story we can tell about growing community. The vertical bars on the shield feel exclusionary, monolithic, and static - in many ways the opposite of the inclusive, human, and dynamic Saint Joe’s we know and love.

Our new logo deconstructs the bars of the existing mark and puts them back together as a warm, structured, and organic icon. The shape draws from the distinctive pines across campus, Christian and Celtic iconography, and feelings of shelter and structure. The mark is designed to work across all mediums, and a brighter blue differentiates it from many other colors in our marketplace.

How We Built It

It’s about to start looking different around here.

We’re taking a phased approach to rolling out the new Saint Joseph’s College of Maine brand - a process that will run through 2021 and beyond. You’ll know when we have new brand resources available, and you can check in at the page below to see the latest.

Brand Resources
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