Bachelor of Arts in History-Political Science

Historic and civic literacy are critical cornerstones to building sustainable communities in the 21st century. The interdisciplinary History-Political Science major provides the foundation for future leaders in education, law, business, the nonprofit sector, public service, journalism, public policy, and government to successfully connect and apply understandings between historical and political forces that shape our world and polity.

Washington Internship semesterThe Bachelor of Arts in History-Political Science provides interdisciplinary study across four thematic areas (Ancient History, Medieval-Early Modern History, US History and Politics, Modern History and Politics) is balanced with targeted expertise as students choose either a History or Political Science track as best suited for their career goals and interests. the interdisciplinary focus of the curriculum deepens understanding and connections between historical and political forces that shape our world.

Students majoring in History-Political Science are required to complete two semesters of foreign language study.

At a Glance

  • Emphasizes skills in communication, analytical thinking, evaluating evidence-based problem solving, writing, and research.
  • Dynamic, dedicated faculty experts with a wide variety of backgrounds
  • Integrated secondary education minor prepares students to teach.
  • One-on-one faculty mentoring
  • Well-connected network of alumni in local and federal government
  • Broad-based understanding of significant historical periods.
  • Established Washington Center internship program; students accepted to the program live and intern in Washington, D.C. for a semester


Interdisciplinary study across four thematic areas: Ancient History, Medieval-Early Modern History, US History and Politics, Modern History and Politics History and Secondary Education.

The History-Political Science major balances interdisciplinary study with targeted career focused expertise. Students choose from two concentration areas: History or Political Science as they complete either their HY-PS major or their HY-PS/Secondary Ed major. This allows students to develop targeted skills and knowledge specific to their career goals and interests.

The major in history-political science combined with a minor in secondary education is the basis for a career as a high school teacher of history/political science/social studies. Students who aspire to teach high school take a series of education courses in the secondary education minor, and complete a semester of student teaching in their senior year. This course of study has been approved by the State of Maine Department of Education and allows students to apply for certification as high school teachers. Students from other states should work with their Secondary Education advisor to secure current certification requirements for those states.

Partnership with University of Maine School of Law

Saint Joseph’s College’s partnership with the University of Maine School of Law allows eligible students to earn a bachelor’s degree and law degree in six years. In this accelerated 3 + 3 program, students complete three years of undergraduate work at Saint Joseph’s College followed by three years of law school at Maine School of Law in Portland, Maine.

Some of our faculty

Mark Hibben
Mark HibbenAssociate Professor, Political Science/History Department
PhD, Syracuse University
MA, Syracuse University
MA, University of Birmingham, U.K.
BS, University of Maine
Michelle Laughran
Michelle LaughranAssociate Professor, Political Science/History Department
PhD, University of Connecticut
MA, University of Connecticut
BA, College of William & Mary
Andrea Vianello
Andrea VianelloAssociate Professor, Political Science/History Department
PhD, University of Pavia, Italy
Laurea (BA and MA combined), University of Venice, Italy


Recent Internships

• Capitol Hill
• Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project
• Gov. Joseph Brennan Archives
• Representative Jared Golden

Washington D.C. Internship Program

Students accepted to the program live and intern in Washington, D.C. for a semester

Tyler Nadeau '22, history-political science major

Tyler Nadeau

“Working at the ground level for Representative Jared Golden provides me with invaluable experience that will help me acclimate in my future career of public service. Representative Golden embodies many of my own personal and political beliefs and this opportunity will surely provide solid groundwork for what lies ahead of me.”


Rachel Bruns, political science major

Rachel Bruns

“I have had the amazing opportunity to be an intern and a volunteer for the Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project. I saw first-hand people go through the unthinkable hardship of facing an abuser in court, the confusion and vulnerability in family law cases, and the exploitation and degradation some have felt in work settings. This solidified my plans for going to law school.”


Will Hardiman

Will Hardiman

Will interned for the Gov. Joseph Brennan Archives. “The Brennan Archives was one of the most interesting things I have ever experienced. It was amazing to see how Gov. Brennan was able to be a Congressman, but still feel the pulse of his constituents’ concerns.”

Ray Mosca

Ray Mosca

Raymond spent the summer on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. “Before I arrived in Washington, I thought I had a very sound understanding of the legislative process … there are certain details and levels of complexity that can only be learned from watching the process take place firsthand. Over the course of the summer, my leadership skills have developed significantly.”


A woman with a bachelor in history, short, straight blond hair, wearing large gold earrings and a black top, smiles at the camera. Saint Joseph's College of Maine

Chelsea Candage

Chelsea Candage plans to work in the exhibit education and design side of a large museum and ultimately become a curator.

A man with a history-political science degree stands in front of a large white building with columns and arched windows, wearing a suit and red tie. Saint Joseph's College of Maine

Jeremiah Cottle

Jeremiah Cottle ’00 majored in history at Saint Joseph’s, went on to law school, and now works for the U.S. Secret Service.

A woman with shoulder-length brown hair stands in front of green bushes, smiling slightly. She is wearing a dark jacket and a black top, proudly holding her history-political science degree. Saint Joseph's College of Maine

Angie Gleason

Angie Gleason ’94, an Irish history scholar, teaches medieval history at Princeton University.

Career Paths

Public service
Public policy

Career Moves

With a Bachelor of Arts in History-Political Science, graduates will be prepared to enter a wide range of professional fields and graduate study programs. A history degree will serve those interested in pursuing careers in government, law, journalism, education, non-profit organizations, as well as  careers in teaching, research, public administration, the non-profit sector, journalism, law, international service, affairs or business, government or elective office, and public service.