phonathonOver eight nights between September 30 and October 10, 12 student volunteers spent 24 hours calling 4,423 alumni all over the country. “Our student callers had the opportunity to connect with thousands of Saint Joseph’s alumni,” says Heather Plati, director of alumni engagement and annual giving. “They shared meaningful conversations about the College and how alumni can make a difference in the College’s future.”

The result of the students’ work and the great conversations is a staggering, positive level of outreach. At the end of the event, $26,305 was raised through donations and pledges. “It’s an amazing accomplishment and really demonstrates how our alumni feel about their College,” says Plati. In addition to donations, student volunteers updated or verified the contact information for 889 alumni, thus improving communications for updates and sharing more stories of success with an ever-increasing body of alumni.

Every donation and pledge goes a long way to advancing the College. In addition to supporting the Annual Fund, “Many alumni designate the donation for an area of their choice, like Campus Ministry, specific scholarships or athletics,” says Plati. “Each gift provides assistance to our students and faculty and maintains a campus environment that is deserving of our magnificent setting and history.”