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Undergraduate health care programsGet an education that helps you move into in-demand health care positions. Whether you are in the first stages of your college experience or have already completed some college-level coursework, this online Bachelor’s degree program can give you the health information management (HIM) courses you need in a distance-learning format that makes earning your degree accessible.

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CAHIIM Accredited logoA CAHIIM-accredited Bachelor’s degree that flexes to your schedule

The Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) just awarded the Bachelor of Science Health Information Management (BSHIM) program at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine on November 29, 2023, Continuing Accreditation for seven years to the 2032-2033 cycle.

It was noted that the BSHIM program at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine was recognized for our substantial compliance with the 2018 AHIMA Curricular Competencies and 2018 CAHIIM Accreditation Standards.

Our program is recognized as one of the top 100% online programs in the country and has been accepted as a Demonstration program for the upcoming conversion to a Competency-Based Model that is part of the Future Education Model (FEM) for CAHIIM. This honor recognizes our students, faculty members, and the college’s leadership and commitment to continuous quality improvement in higher education.

After successful completion of the Demonstration program, the BSHIM program at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine will be identified by CAHIIM as an Accredited Program with Distinction under the 2026 CAHIIM Accreditation Standards through the 2032-2033 cycle.

CAHIIM accredited certificate program logoDigital Health Professional: The Certified Digital Health (CDH) Program is designed for all healthcare professionals looking to or currently serving in the healthcare digital space. This program is designed to test one’s knowledge and understanding in the larger healthcare IT industry. The program outlines three levels of certification: Professional, Leader, and Executive. One’s leadership experience and positional standing will make them eligible for one level of certification testing. Credentialing is based on meeting the requirements outlined, continuing education credits, and passing the CDH level examination.

As a Health Information Management student in this program, you will be able to:

  • Study online — wherever, whenever: Enjoy Saint Joseph’s close-knit learning community without having to relocate. The program includes weekly deadlines to keep you on track.
  • Gain insight into current, real-world application of HIM topics: Faculty have professional experience directly in the field of health information management.
  • Apply your workplace experience to your studies (and vice versa): Our curriculum allows students to incorporate prior or current work experience into their studies.
  • Earn RHIA and AHIMA credentials: Graduates are eligible to take the Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) exam and become credentialed through the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).
  • Apply existing credits when you transfer: Students who have earned some college credits (such as an Associate’s degree in Health Information Technology) may be able to apply those towards finishing their bachelor’s degree. Request more information to learn more about credit transfer.

How much will this program cost?


*Excludes textbooks and fees. Assumes no transfer of credit, and, at the graduate level, that all preparatory requirements have been met. Prices are subject to change. Click here for full tuition and fee details.

How long will it take?

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Student stories

Michael LeeLead Specimen Procurement
“Balancing work, life, and school can be demanding, but Saint Joseph's has been wonderful!”
Ellen SolomonQuality Management Assistant
“The professors are very encouraging. I recently returned to college and they made it an easy transition.”
William CulpU.S. Navy Corpsman
“Amazing! One of my best college experiences.”


What courses are required for the Health Information Management program?

This online HIM degree program (120 total credits) integrates general education courses with courses specific to health information management. Graduates are prepared to manage patient health information and health records, administer computer information systems, analyze patient data and gain knowledge of medical, administrative, ethical and legal requirements and standards.

General Education Core – 42 credits

Saint Joseph’s general education requirements reflect the college’s vision and mission, helping students ground their major course of study in an ethical and moral framework while developing foundational skills in communication, citizenship and critical thinking.

HIM Core – 51 credits

Major core courses include topics that range from general health administration to specifics in coding, health data management, statistics and research, compliance and ethics, and information protection.

Advanced Practicum – 3 credits

Students will seek out an on-site health care Professional Practice Experience (PPE), completing 60 hours of work on a health care site and 60 hours in a virtual lab, for a total of 120 hours.

General Electives – 27 credits

Elective course options include a variety of courses that give students an introduction to topics related to HIM. Example courses include Long-Term Care Administration, Legal Aspects of Healthcare Administration and Emergency Preparedness. In many cases, a completed Associate’s degree in Health Information Technology will satisfy general elective requirements.

Fast-track program

Want a fast track to your Master’s degree in Health Administration (MHA)? If you know you want to build toward a career in health care administration, earning a BS in Heath Information Management can help you get there. Students pursuing their BS in Health Information Management can substitute up to 12 credits of MHA courses in lieu of comparable undergraduate courses, helping you earn your master’s degree faster.

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Career moves

What you can do with a Health Information Management degree

As health care organizations become increasingly complex, they are looking for employees equipped to take on a variety of HIM roles that require a bachelor’s degree. These include HIM directors, coders, billers, abstractors and other functions related to health information.

Are employers hiring in this profession? Yes. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for medical records and health information technicians are expected to grow at the faster-than-average rate of 13% by 2026. As the need for entry-level positions grows, so will the need for applicants with strong business and management skills who can lead growing HIM teams.

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Student achievement data from 2023

Graduation Rate 100%

Student Satisfaction Rate 100%

Graduate School Entry Rate 0%

Retention Rate 94%

Employment Rate 100%

HIM Related Job Rate 100%
Non-HIM Related Job Rate 20%

Academic Transfer N/A

SJC Results National Results
Certification Exam Pass Rate 100%
First-Time Test Takers Pass Rate 100% 62%
 Average Scaled Scores 317 298
Domain Score Averages for First-Time Test Takers
Domain 1 72% 66%
Domain 2 76% 68%
Domain 3 61% 59%
Domain 4 81% 68%
Domain 5 65% 62%


Frequently asked questions about the Bachelor of Science in HIM online program

How long does it take to complete a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management?

If a student is enrolled full time and is entering the field with no pre-existing college credits, this program can be completed in approximately two years. The online format allows students to pursue a course load that works for their own schedules; therefore, the timeline to finish can vary from student to student.

Why is the CAHIIM accreditation important?

Accreditation is used to ensure academic programs are developed with the highest quality standards in a field of study. Program accreditation by CAHIIM is necessary for students to be eligible for AHIMA certification exams in the field of HIM. Becoming AHIMA-certified also positions HIM professionals for greater earning potential and career advancement. Therefore, if you are looking to expand your professional opportunities in the HIM field, pursuing a CAHIIM-accredited degree program is important.

Are internships a required part of the program?

Yes. The 3-credit Advanced Practicum is a required part of the BS HIM program. Students must identify a local health care site and site manager for this Professional Practice Experience (PPE), meet all physical clearance requirements for that health care site (i.e., TB test, current immunizations and background check) and purchase access to the virtual lab. The student is responsible for completing required tests and virtual lab access at their own expense.

Develop your HIM expertise

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Kevin (Michael) HarringtonProgram Director, Online Health Administration
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