The Office of the Registrar can help you find the information you need, like how to obtain educational records and request official transcripts.

Access to Educational Records

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) gives students the right to control access to their educational records. Information about FERPA is printed in the Student Handbook and the College Catalog, and a full copy of the act is available to you from the Office of the Registrar.

Credit Exam Credit

Exam NameTesting OrganizationPassing ScoreSem. Hour CreditSJC Course
Principles of MacroeconomicsCLEP503BA 202
Principles of MicroeconomicsCLEP503BA 201
Financial AccountingCLEP503AC 210
Principles of ManagementCLEP503MG 101
Principles of MarketingCLEP503MK 201
Introductory Business LawCLEP503BA 301
Business Ethics & Society**DSST4003BA 306
Human Resource Management ***DSST4003MG 302
Introduction to BusinessDSST4003
Management Information SystemsDSST4003BA 350
Money & BankingDSST4003
Organizational BehaviorDSST4003MG 309
Personal FinanceDSST4003
Principles of FinanceDSST4003FI 301
Principles of SupervisionDSST4003
College Composition w/essayCLEP506EH 106 & EH 107
Foundations of EducationDSST4003
Principles of Public Speaking-Part 1 & 2DSST4003
History of the United States I: Early Colonization to 1877CLEP503HY 201
History of the United States II: 1865 to the PresentCLEP503HY 202
Western Civilization I-Ancient near East to 1648CLEP503HY 101
Western Civililization II-1648 to the PresentCLEP503HY 102
A history of the Vietnam WarDSST4003
History of the Soviet UnionDSST4003
The Civil War & ReconstrutionDSST4003
Analyzing & Interpreting LiteratureCLEP503EH 102
English LiteratureCLEP503EH 205
French Language-Levels 1 & 2CLEP50/596/9
German Language-Levels 1 & 2CLEP50/606/9
Spanish Language-Levels 1 & 2CLEP50/636/9
Art in the Western WorldDSST4003AT 106
American LiteratureCLEP503EH 203
Introduction to World ReligionDSST4003TH 222
Information SystemsCLEP503IT 100
Computing & Information TechnologyDSST4003IT 100
Fundamentals of CybersecurityDSST4003IT 250
College AlgebraCLEP503MA 105
College MathematicsCLEP506
Business MathematicsDSST4003
Fundamentals of College AlgebraDSST4003MA 105
Principles of StatisticsDSST4003MA 205
Natural SciencesCLEP506
Health & Human DevelopmentDSST4003
Human/Cultural GeographyDSST4003
Environment & Humanity: The Race to Save the PlanetDSST4003
Principles of Physical Science IDSST4003
Ethics in America**DSST4003
Human Growth & DevelopmentCLEP503
Introduction to Educational PsychologyCLEP503ED 301 OR PY 307
Introductory PsychologyCLEP503PY 101
American GovernmentCLEP503
Criminal JusticeDSST4006SO 202 & SO 343
General AnthropologyDSST4003
Introduction to Law EnforcementDSST4003
Lifespan Development PsychologyDSST4003PY 211
Substance AbuseDSST4003
Introductory SociologyCLEP503SO 201

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