The Annual Fund is the cornerstone of the Saint Joseph’s College fundraising program.

Saint Joseph’s depends on annual gifts to bridge the gap between operational expenses and income from tuition, fees, and other sources. The contributions to the Annual Fund come from a variety of sources including alumni, trustees, friends, businesses, foundations, faculty, and staff.

The Annual Fund helps provide students with the resources they need:

  • 94% of Saint Joseph’s students receive need-based financial aid. The average financial aid package includes $14,900 in grants or scholarships.

  • 50% of first generations students were among last year’s entering class. These students were the first in their families to attend a college or university for higher education.

  • 32% of student “Monks” participate in one or more of our 19 varsity sports. Donning the Monks royal blue and white teaches students lifelong lessons about commitment, teamwork, confidence, and what it means to represent an organization of mission and values.

  • 12,856 of community service hours were performed by students this past year. 600 students participated in academic or community service through their courses; 200 have been engaged in co-curricular community service, and over half of them do more than 20 hours of community service per semester.

Where do Annual Fund contributions go?

Your investment directly benefits each and every student at Saint Joseph’s. Specifically, your Annual Fund gift directly supports:

  • Student scholarships and aid
  • Faculty support, through our continued effort to expand our faculty and enrich the course offerings on campus
  • Academic resources to keep the arts and science disciplines current
  • Campus developments to provide students with an exceptional place to live and learn
  • Technology to keep our campus and online programs current and engaging
  • Mission-based learning to challenge and support our students’ academically, spiritually, and socially

You should base your decision on your own charitable interests and your financial capacity. No gift is too small. Your gift – regardless of size – attracts gifts from others and makes a strong statement about our College. It’s your participation in the effort that matters!

Can my gift support a specific department or be in memory or honor of someone?

Donors to the Annual Fund may opt to make unrestricted gifts or may designate their gift to a chosen area including a specific program, scholarship, or initiative such as campus ministry, an athletic program, etc. Giving is a personal decision and we want you to be passionate about your choice. That is why Annual Fund gifts can be restricted for any current use identified by the donor.

Gifts in memory or honor of someone can be given and will be recognized as such.

Donations can be given anonymously.

The Importance of a Gift for Any Amount

High participation in the Annual Fund is an important way for us to demonstrate the commitment and dedication of our College’s community. It is not only the total dollar amount raised that is important, but also the percentage of the constituency who participate.

A large source of funding is from our loyal corporations and foundations that support Saint Joseph’s with grant and scholarship support. These groups want to see strong loyalty from individuals within the school community before they make an institutional contribution. The most important measure that is used to evaluate community-wide support for the college is the percentage of individuals who participate in the Annual Fund. When considering your gift, please give as generously as possible.

Scholarships—They’re Personal

With your help, our inspiring work is to educate young people so that they can graduate as knowledgeable professionals who work with the values of compassion, integrity, justice, faith, excellence, respect and community. Our goal this year is for scholarship funding to increase the number of students who will be able to remain enrolled at Saint Joseph’s College, graduate, and use Mercy values to better our world.

Photo caption: When her husband, John Waldron ’79, passed away suddenly in 2012, Mary Waldron (second from left) wanted to honor his memory. Mary and John’s close friends, Mike Perotto ’78 and Reis Hagerman ’79, as well as his sister, Sheila Veideman, and John’s home community of Brockton, MA, raised more than $17,000 for John Waldron ’79 Scholarships for students from the South Shore of Boston through a wiffleball tournament, raffles, and the gifts of individuals. Waldron Scholars Ryan Gorham ’18, James Stevens ’19, and Will Hardiman ’19 are shown here. Absent from the photo was David Free ’19.

Annual Fund Giving

How your gift makes a difference at Saint Joseph’s—through scholarships for students like Haley, and by growing experiential learning programs so that students like Alexandra have a chance to change the world.

“I’ve always felt a need to help other people. When I was a child, I jumped at the opportunity to raise money for other kids in need. Now at Saint Joe’s, incredible service opportunities are right at my fingertips, so I can’t help but dive in.”

Learn more about Alexandra

ALEXANDRA CRAIG, Political Science '17

“I couldn’t have gone to college if the scholarship money hadn’t been there,” she says. “So when I give to the College,
I designate that it’s for academic scholarships. I feel it’s important to pay it forward. Every penny helps.”

Learn more about Sandy

“Saint Joseph’s College has given me so many opportunities that have forever shaped my life. The opportunity to thrive in the classroom, the opportunity to test my limits on the lacrosse field, the opportunity to make memories with friends I will never forget, the opportunity that you won’t find anywhere else, and most importantly the opportunity to become the best person I can be. I know that without the help of scholarship support, I wouldn’t be blessed enough to have these life-changing opportunities.”

HALEY NASON, International Business '14, Scholarship Recipient