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Grants and gifts from foundations and corporations are a vital part of the philanthropic support for Saint Joseph’s, its students, faculty, and programs. Through grants to the Annual Fund, foundations and corporations provide scholarships every year to more than 100 Saint Joseph’s students who are high academic achievers and financially deserving of aid. The Corporate Alliance Program for Scholarships (CAPS) alone provides more than $25,000, which is awarded to 25 students annually.
Community Benefits of Foundation Donations

Foundation gifts ranging from $1,000 to $200,000 provide support for academicprograms that often reach into the community with rich rewards:

  • Support ofred tide research not only trains Saint Joseph’s students to become tomorrow’senvironmental scientists, it also promises greatly needed help for Maine’sDepartment of Marine Resources, for regional fishing communities that dependupon shellfish harvesting for their livelihoods, and for an industry that losesroughly $25 million when harvesting is interrupted.
  • Support ofenvironmental science programs has trained 60 Saint Joseph’s education majorsover the past three years. They, in turn, have taught and mentored nearly 200students in Portland schools containing large populations of immigrant anddisadvantaged students.
  • Majorsupport of faculty training in assessment not only has engaged every academicand program head in both the four-year and graduate/professional studiesdivisions, but also promises to enrich learning for all students and engagethem in personal assessments through e-portfolio programs.
  • Grants andgifts to capital projects for new buildings and renovation since 2004 haveprovided the new academic building, Alfond Hall, as well as a new nursingresource center, simulation labs, and a second anatomy and physiology lab toserve the College’s largest major and assure that Saint Joseph’s premiernursing preparation continues.
  • Support of literacy programs have enabled theCollege’s education majors and faculty to partner with regional schools forvisits by Maine children’s authors who illustrate their books. Forty educationmajors and 200 local children have benefited from these programs.
CorporateAlliance Program for Scholarships

Since 1997, more than 250 young men and women have received CAPSscholarships. CAPS scholars combine academics with real-worldexperience and bring fresh ideas and added value to businesses in Maine and NewEngland.

SaintJoseph’s College is extremely grateful to the nearly 20 businesses that aresupporting the CAPS this year.Gifts from CAPS supporters are assisting 25 students who are pursuing degreesin everything from business management tonursing to communications. Thebusinesses that are supporting CAPS scholarships recognize the promise of thesestudents and are making an investment in the future of our local workforce and economy.

“My degree is in biology with a double major in psychology and a minor in chemistry. I am very interested in a PhD/MD program with a neurology focus that will enable me to conduct brain research and clinical trials. Receiving a CAPS scholarship was something that is more than money, it is a sign that people in the community believe in me.”

BOB MICHAUD ’14, Biology and Psychology

“As an accounting major, I plan to pursue a career as a CPA specializing in auditing. My courses helped prepare me for my goals and are giving me the knowledge I need to become successful as an accountant. The CAPS scholarship helped me achieve my goals by allowing me to focus more on my course work and less on my financial burden.”

SHELLEY DUPLISEA ’13, Accounting

Corporate Alliance Program for Scholarships Sponsors

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Cross Insurance, Enterprise Holdings, and Shaw Brothers for their support to the College.


Elizabeth Schran
Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations