Lead Through Complexity with Your Online Master of Accountancy (MAcc)

Become an expert with endless career potential in a field that puts your talents to use. With your Master of Accountancy (MAcc) degree from Saint Joseph’s College, you’ll develop the higher level skills for  accounting, research, taxation, auditing and finance while preparing for the ethical challenges of this increasingly globalized field.

Whether you are an aspiring certified public accountant (CPA), or are seeking other long-term career opportunities and advancement in the accounting field, our interdisciplinary MAcc curriculum can help you progress. Here, you’ll enhance your ability to translate complex accounting challenges into actionable financial data for any industry.

Set yourself apart as a big-picture accounting professional with an eye for detail. Request more information today.

A MAcc degree for any stage of your accounting career

Earn credentials that bolster your knowledge and credibility in the accounting field. This program offers students:

  • A flexible, online format: Study at the time and location that works for you.
  • CPA licensure preparation: Satisfy the widely adopted 150-hour educational requirement for certification and licensure as a CPA.
  • Active learning through dialogue: Enjoy small class sizes and regular professional discussions that build skills for communication, critical thinking, and your overall credibility.
  • Engaging faculty: Even online, you’ll get constructive, personalized guidance from your teachers that helps you expand your expertise.
  • Real-world applications: Through problem-based learning, you’ll apply concepts and principles to solve practical accounting problems.

Your path to career advancement can start today. Apply now for free and start during any of the five 10-week terms scheduled each year (offered in January, March, May, July and October).

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How much will this program cost?

Total Cost: $17,730*

*Excludes the cost of textbooks and nursing clinical fees. Assumes no transfer of credit, and, at the graduate level, that all preparatory requirements have been met. Prices are subject to change. Click here for full tuition and fee details.

How long will it take?

  • MACC* Full-time students will need one year to complete the program. Part-time students can expect to take two years.

* These timelines assume all prep classes have been met and that the student takes no breaks between terms. Full-time is two courses per term, part-time is one course per term.


With its dialogue-intensive format and emphasis on professional ethics and professional responsibility, this distinctive MAcc curriculum helps graduates not only enhance their accounting knowledge, but also their ability to lead in complex organizations.

Courses involve problem-based learning and written assignments that develop credibility in communication, clarity of thought in reporting, and the ability to convey high-level knowledge in a manner that resonates with all levels of an organization.

Notable MAcc courses:

  • Legal Environment/Business Law (Ethics)
  • Leadership and Relationship Management
  • Advanced Topics in Disclosure and Financial Reporting
  • (Applied) Corporate Financial Management
  • Forensic Accounting

Continuing Professional Education

Need continuing professional education (CPE) credits as a CPA? We offer CPA workshops for accounting professionals looking to maintain licensing requirements and build skills along the way. Workshops include eight CPE hours, covering up-to-date tax laws, accounting issues and ethics matters.

Have questions about curriculum or how to apply?

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Why Choose SJC?

Howard Kam 2022 Master of Accountancy2

“Having practiced accountancy for over 40 years at a Big Four CPA firm and now a local-global affiliated CPA firm, SJCME’s MAcc provided new opportunities to expand my expertise and confidence in various accountancy advisory areas, and increase earnings. SJCME’s online program provided the appropriate academic-work-life balance to enable my lifetime dream. I have encouraged others at our firm to pursue their MAcc at SJCME due to the College’s balanced educational approach, invaluable instructions, and online interaction between students and faculty.”


Job growth for accounting professionals (i.e., auditors, certified public accountants (CPAs), compliance managers, appraisal specialists) is closely tied to overall economic health. As the economy grows, so do the job prospects for qualified applicants who exhibit the next-generation accounting skills needed in an evolving global economy.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants and auditors are expected to experience faster-than-average employment growth from 2016–2026 (10%). While entry-level positions are possible through a baccalaureate qualification, individuals with an advanced professional certification, especially CPAs, will have the best prospects.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the MAcc degree program only for aspiring CPAs?

This program prepares future certified public accountants (CPAs) to exercise their developed technical competence and interpersonal skills with integrity.  It also supports those seeking advancement in an increasingly competitive job market. It is not, however, exclusive for aspiring public accountants. Individuals pursuing a wide range of careers can benefit from this degree path.

Do I need a degree in business in order to earn my MAcc?

Students are not required to have an undergraduate degree in business. We offer preparatory coursework for those who need it. There are seven preparatory courses. Students without adequate experience or coursework in any of the seven preparatory course subjects may be offered a conditional acceptance to the MAcc program in lieu of full acceptance. Full acceptance would then follow once any required preparatory coursework was successfully completed. Applications are evaluated individually for actual preparatory requirements. Financial aid may be available to use towards preparatory courses for those who qualify.

Be a stronghold of ethics in professional accounting

Gain skills for tackling complex challenges in financial reporting, business practices, and an evolving professional accounting landscape. Request more information today to learn more about earning your MAcc online at Saint Joseph’s College or apply now if you are ready to get started.


Nancy Kristiansen
Nancy KristiansenDirector, Business Administration & Accounting Programs
MS, Suffolk University
AS, Mount Wachusett Community College
Samuel Hinton
Samuel HintonOnline Faculty
MBA, Appalachian State University
BS, High Point University
Aaron Perkins
Aaron PerkinsOnline Faculty
M.S., Washington Institute for Graduate Studies
B.A., University of Southern Maine


Brad HarrisonSenior Financial Analyst, San Jose, CA
The flexibility of the MAcc program allows me to work full time and complete the coursework on my own schedule. It was clear that this program was intended for people who work full time.
Kelsey HallStaff Accountant, Yuma, AZ
My academic adviser was fabulous! She was always so quick to reply that I felt like I was the only person she was taking care of and I knew she really cared about my success in the program.
Paul MorrisOutdoor School Instructor, REI, Raleigh, NC
This has been a GREAT experience and I am very proud to soon be able to call Saint Joseph’s my alma mater. The staff and faculty have been nothing but amazing.