Have a degree and want to teach?

Do you want to teach but your degree isn't in education? Then our Accelerated Route Secondary Certification program gives you the skills, practice, and courses you need to become certified.

Accelerated Route to Secondary Education CertificationThe online Master of Science in Education program will meet many states' professional requirements for accelerated route secondary certification. We would be glad to work with you and your state's certification office to see if the accelerated pathway is an option. You may work to fulfill Maine's accelerated route. Many states allow for certification reciprocity.

Available courses to fulfill the accelerated route for Maine 6-12 grades (secondary) certification:

  • ED 512 Educating the Exceptional Student in the Classroom (3 credits online)
  • ED 523 Teaching Methods in Secondary Education (3 credits online)
  • ED 590 Student Teaching (12 credits - 15 weeks in a classroom)
  • Coming soon: Equity in the American Classroom

In addition, accelerated route applicants in Maine need to hold a bachelor’s degree, with 24 credit hours of post-secondary coursework in the content endorsement area and complete a full background check. Maine no longer requires the Praxis examinations for initial teacher certification; however, it is important that students check with their individual state certification office for information and requirements for accelerated pathway certification in their state. Visit the Praxis website for more information.

Learn more about: How to Become a Maine Teacher (For information on fingerprinting and background check, and much more.)

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