Doug Letsch
Doug Letsch
PhD, Walden University
MBA, University of Phoenix
BA, University of Texas

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Doug Letsch teaches accounting and finance on a full-time basis for Saint Joseph’s College and a few other universities. He has published numerous articles for the AICPA Journal of Accountancy, Association of Finance Professionals – Exchange Journal, and has made presentations at the American Accounting Association. His research interests include corporate finance and global financial accounting standards.

He has served as a chief financial officer for over 20 years working with high-growth, technology-based companies. With each company, he provided financial and accounting leadership in reporting, internal controls, shareholder relations, acquisitions, equity placements, banking relationships, budgeting, forecasting, auditing, and legal compliance. Doug Letsch has taken companies public, authored numerous private placements promulgated under Regulation D of the Security Act of 1933, and raised over a $500m in equity and debt.

He is a member of the AICPA and the American Accounting Association where he serves on the financial accounting standards review committee. He is also a member of several editorial review committees, and works as a consultant and board member.