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How do I get an internship?

Students usually complete an internship during their junior and/or senior year. First, visit the Office of Career Development to talk about internship opportunities, how to obtain an internship, how to write a résumé and cover letter, and how to prepare for the interviewing process.

In combination with our Connections program, internship students gain personal growth with hands-on experience.

The Office of Career Development is located on the first floor of Mercy Hall. Call 893-6636 or 893-6637 to set up a time to come in, or you can also just drop in.

Do I earn credits for my internship?

Most students complete internships for credit and experience. Only a few internships are paid in addition to credits. As an intern, you will enroll in a four-credit course called Business Internship Program (BU 404).

How long do internships last?

They are usually a semester long, although a few last a year:

  • Fall Semester, September-December
  • Spring Semester, January-May
  • Summer Semester, May-August

Why participate in an internship?

Student benefits include:

  • Gain professional experience while in school
  • Sample specific jobs within career areas
  • Make valuable contacts for future networking
  • Sample different working environments (work setting, type of employer, or industry, geographic location)
  • Gain insight into real-world application of concepts learned in school
  • Develop self-confidence and independence
  • Earn money
  • Earn college credit

Where can I work as an intern?

Saint Joseph’s College has many connections in the Greater Portland area with businesses and organizations. Some typical intern placements include:

AARP Maine International Trade Center
American Red Cross Mercy Hospital
Baker Newman Noyes, CPA Portland Magazine
Berry Dunn McNeil & Parker, CPA Portland Pirates
Burgess Advertising Portland Police Department
Edward Jones Investments Portland Radio Group
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Portland Sea Dogs
Giraffe Events Portland Water District
Green Tree Marketing Red Claws
Hannaford Supermarkets Sweetser
Idexx Laboratories
Lake Region Animal Hospital UnumProvident
Lakes Region Weekly WGME 13
Maine Medical Center Windham Parks & Recreation
Maine State Government Wolfe Public Relations

Can I do an internship on campus?

Yes, the following departments have sponsored interns: Athletic Department
, Saint Joseph’s College Online,
 Information Systems,
 Intramurals & Recreation, 
Marketing & Communications,
 and Sports Information.

Employer benefits include:

  • Lowers recruiting costs
  • Affords observation and evaluation of potential employees
  • Provides reliable source for pre-professionals
  • Requires no permanent commitment (however, 60 percent of the time interns are hired on full-time)
  • Allows greater productivity during business cycles
  • Lowers training costs
  • Allows for input into educational process
What are employers required to provide?
  • Written job description or a simple list of duties/responsibilities
  • Appropriate learning environment where the intern may apply their college studies in an experiential learning setting
  • Specific point person that the intern can refer questions to
  • Schedule allowing students to work (at minimum) 150 hours over 15 weeks so they may receive academic credit
  • Internship evaluation form at the conclusion of the internship
What are the student’s responsibilities as an intern?
  • Treat internship position as a professional job
  • Satisfy academic requirements of internship course
  • Must notify employer beforehand if they cannot report to work at scheduled times
  • Must provide own transportation
What does Career Development provide?
  • Promote internship opportunities to students
  • Refer students to sponsoring employers
  • Provide résumé and interviewing skills assistance
  • Coordinate the academic component of the internship

Student Stories

Chris Petzy

As a result of Chris Petzy’s quality work on projects and presentations, his internship led to his full-time job as a financial analyst in the IT finance department at Liberty Mutual in Portsmouth, N.H.

Molly Shaw

Molly interned at Saco River Community Television. She says her internship helped to improve her camera, editing, and computer skills. For some projects at the station, she even earns a salary.

Courtney Rague

Courtney Rague believes internships are a great way for students to gain real life experience and make important connections that could lead to employment.