Saint Joseph’s College of Maine is committed to students’ academic, personal, and professional growth during their time at SJC and beyond. The Academic Center for Excellence’s newly created Career Studio understands the importance of experiential learning and the value of these experiences as it relates to a student’s ongoing development.

The Connections program stems from the College’s ongoing commitment to supporting students from orientation to commencement. Connections programming is used to support students in pursuit of experiential learning opportunities. In an effort to provide students with the resources they need to engage in these experiences, financial assistance is available for unpaid internships, research opportunities, and other experiential learning activities that will enhance their academic and professional growth.

Students seeking to participate in Connections programming must demonstrate how the experience they’ve identified will contribute to their overall growth and development by providing an explanation of the experience and how it aligns with their personal and professional career objectives.

Connections applications are reviewed three times a year by a committee that includes both college faculty and staff members. It is important to note that Connections funding is an opportunity, not a guarantee. A student must meet all eligibility requirements, develop and present a comprehensive plan for the experience, and at the conclusion of their experience, they must submit, and present, a written reflection of how their participation in the experience enhanced their overall growth and development at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine. Applicants who can demonstrate clear outcomes that will result from their experience are more likely to be successful.

Part of Our Mission

The Connections Program represents our commitment to the future of each of our students. We stand behind the high-quality education students receive at the College, and we are investing in their success.

Learn more about Connections by calling our Career Studio at 207-893-7558 or email

How Parents Can Help with the Connections Program

As a parent, there are several ways to get involved in our Connections Program.

  • Mentor a student interested in your career field
  • Provide an internship for our students
  • Provide job opportunities for our students

If you are interested in helping out with Connections, please send an email to, or fill out the Parent Interest Form.

Contact Us

Shanna Webster
Assistant Dean and Director, ACE

Kristin (Krissy) Cosgrove
Academic and Career Coach

Chris Kidger
Academic and Career Coach

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Student Testimonials

Breanna Morrill Biology Student in Lab

Breanna ’20, Medical Biology

Connections funded my unpaid internships at Maine Medical Center Research Institute allowing me to gain more hands-on lab experience.

Lauren McDowell Business Student Study aboard

Lauren ’20, Business Management

Connections helped with the cost of my semester abroad which allowed me to see how businesses run differently in other countries and the impact.

Hunter Richardson Bio Student Service trip

Hunter ’20, Medical Biology/Pre-PA

Connections helped me gain experience in my field of study in a new culture to see the different diseases, conditions and traumas that the Guatemalan people were coming to the medical clinic for.