international business students work on ipads


elementary education student works with a child


A woman with long brown hair and glasses, wearing a blue shirt, is looking down and smiling as she discusses various campus programs. Saint Joseph's College of Maine


male student smiles in class

History and Political Science

students engage in conversation in class


undergraduate, campus nursing student


students on a bench talking to each other


students in a psychology class


A member of the sciences faculty, wearing safety glasses and a lab coat, examines a flask with glowing green liquid in a laboratory. Shelves with various containers are visible in the background. Saint Joseph's College of Maine


A man in a green sweater leans on a counter, smiling and talking with a woman seated at a desk in an office with brick walls, discussing his journey toward earning an online social work degree. Saint Joseph's College of Maine

Social Work

A smiling woman in a white baseball cap stands in the foreground, while a group of people in red uniforms practice on a baseball field in the background. Her experience and dedication are enhanced by her sports management degree, making her well-equipped to navigate the dynamic world of athletics. Saint Joseph's College of Maine

Sport and Exercise Science

A wooden quill with black ink rests on parchment papers filled with handwritten text in Greek, likely the meticulous work of the Theology faculty. Saint Joseph's College of Maine