Business Administration Internship

business student Loreley Mendes Vega

Loreley Mendez Vega, business administration, class of 2020

I was blessed enough to find a paid internship in Westbrook, at the Northern New England Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, Inc. It was a great experience because I learned a lot about the business world and non-profit religious organizations. My business classes definitely prepared me for it.

“I was able to apply concepts and strategic planning to tasks that I had to do at my internship.”

I created a lot of advertisements, I did a lot of branding, worked on websites, and organized events. Since I worked in the Planned Giving and Trust Services Department, I had to study the market for potential donors and provide information about estate planning.

Through this internship, I got the opportunity to go to the Seventh-Day Adventist’s General Conference World Headquarters in Washington D.C. for a job shadowing. It was a great opportunity to visit, have a chance to network, learn about their marketing department, and how they do videos and edit them. I also got the amazing opportunity to work on the recording of the Adventist show 14th+U. This is a show that talks about everyday problems and at the end, it gives a hopeful statement.

I was supposed to just watch but they were understaffed, so they asked me if I could help them with camera 3. They explained how the camera worked and I did it! We filmed for about 3 hours, and recorded 3 episodes about nationalism, sex trafficking, and celebrities becoming Christians. After that, we went to the studio and I saw how they edit the footage, add music, and sound effects. This is an amazing experience. I learned so much about marketing, editing, and the programs they use. I was so blessed to have had this opportunity, I would never forget it!

-- After this internship, Loreley was offered a full time job after graduation.