BS in Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Service Profession Minor


This minor in Interdisciplinary Studies provides students with introductory courses in the field of social services, and it offers an exploration of career options in the basic helping profession.

The courses are designed to help students understand how people work and live in their environments. The Social Services Profession minor is complementary to the Psychology and Criminal Justice minors.


The curriculum for the Social Services Profession provides students with a survey of careers in social services. Students learn professional writing skills in the field and gain skills in engagement, assessment, and intervention. As students near completion of the minor, they complete a hands-on internship.

Bachelor degree students must complete 128 credits, and at least 25% must be completed through Saint Joseph’s College. As part of the IDS program, baccalaureate students will have an opportunity to study across disciplines.

This term-based minor’s start dates are August 1, November 1, February 1, and May 1.



Lindsay Tuman, LCSW
Lindsay Tuman, LCSWOnline Social Work Faculty
MSW, Monmouth University
BSW, Monmouth University
Erin Tyson
Erin TysonOnline Social Work Faculty
MSW, Monmouth University
BSW, Monmouth University


Meghan Elmore ’19
Meghan Elmore ’19BSW major
“One of the perks of being a social work major is that there is such a wide variety of populations and work settings to choose from. Saint Joseph’s BSW program exposes you to different fields, to help you get a sense of what fits you best. We also have two required internships, which offer direct, realistic experience in social work. This prepares us for life after SJC, whether it’s graduate school or jumping straight into the workplace.”
Pauline Cyr Cormier ’61
Pauline Cyr Cormier ’61Meet alumna Pauline Cyr Cormier
Pauline Cyr Cormier ’61 volunteered five years of her life to achieve justice for marginalized farm workers.


Students may be prepared for paraprofessional roles in the field that do not require special certification or licensure. Learn more about jobs in this field.