Adam Hawkes
Adam HawkesPsychology '14

Adam Hawkes ’14 is a forward thinker. In addition to his involvement in the student clubs Young Life and Peak Baggers (Adventure Club), he’s a member of Psi Chi, the international honor society of psychology. As a psychology major and a business administration minor graduate, Hawkes’ prepped himself for multiple choices that his future has in store for him.

Have you always been known you’d study for a psychology degree?

I decided to become a psychology major my freshman year at Saint Joseph’s College. I was looking for a degree that was both transferrable across a multitude of domains and fascinating. The psychology program met both of these requirements.

Transferrable. Fascinating. How will these characteristics and the skills you learn prepare you for your future?

I am looking to further my psychology education with a degree in industrial/organizational psychology. I plan to work in business management after completing my schooling. The skills I have attained over my four years of psychology training have definitely prepared me for my career goals. Through these classes, I have become proficient in general psychology topics, deduction and, most importantly, critical thinking. Through my senior research I have also attained the ability to research effectively. These skills are applicable to everyday jobs and are required for graduate level programs.

What’s been so rewarding about your experience here?

It’s really been a pleasure getting to know the psychology faculty. They are all eager to help and very friendly. Through my many classes with Dr. Josh Schoenfeld I have gotten to know him very well and really enjoy his teaching style. He is extremely knowledgeable in a wide array of topics and conducts the classroom environment well. Dr. Nina Eduljee is a very engaging professor. Through the process of conducting my senior thesis, she has been a great resource and has helped me create my best work. The program is structured well and teaches students skills in a wide range of areas while exposing them to several different facets of psychology. It is also designed in a way that gives students the skills to effectively conduct research, which is then tested in a senior research project.