Presumably, you’ve landed on this page because you are or will be developing an online course for the College. Assuming this is the case, the staff in Technology-Enhanced Instruction would like to welcome you aboard and tell you a little about the development process.

Quality Matters

Developing an online course begins with the subject matter expert’s completion of Quality Matters’ flagship workshop Applying the QM Rubric.

Kickoff Meeting & Contract Generation

Once the subject matter expert has completed Applying the QM Rubric, they will meet with staff in Technology-Enhanced Instruction and others (as appropriate) who will outline the development process, discuss expectations, and establish deadlines. A development contract will be generated afterwards.

Course Development

Learning materials will be developed over 12 weeks in phases, each of which corresponds to 4 weeks of the course. These materials will include a detailed schedule for each week, 30-45 minutes of direct instruction, and a text-equivalent of some sort.


Learning materials must be original, developed collaboratively with an instructional designer, and provide learners with multiple ways to engage with course content.

The staff in Technology-Enhanced Instruction will scaffold the process by providing you with a zip file of templates and setting deadlines to help you manage your timeline and theirs.

Please note: we do not use our LMS as a document repository. Each course functions as its own website, with each page including unique, hand-coded elements that work in tandem with the robust capabilities of the system to create a distinct learning experience.