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Why the Power Series?

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The Power Series is a virtual structured forum that aims to help people 55+ see the power in the simple things all around us. Learning is a lifelong process and in today’s connected world, we have the opportunity to learn from individuals with vast and varied life experiences.

Every life at any age is relevant and inspiring, and when we share our unique stories, we invite others to do the same. Join the Power Series and reconnect to your passions, find the motivation to continue pursuing your aspirations, and rediscover your purpose and drive.

What is the Power Series?

The Power Series covers six topics over six weekly sessions. Each session is facilitated by a 55+ speaker whose life has embodied the specific issue on which they will engage the group. As you gain knowledge and inspiration from our guest speakers, you will be encouraged to share your own thoughts and experiences.

The Power Series program is delivered via Zoom and creates an opportunity for participants to learn about Physical Health, Spiritual Health, Story Health, Social Health, Cognitive Health, and Emotional Health. Each week, you will hear from experts in the field and learn strategies and tips on how to set and maintain goals, rediscover your passions, and create a path towards a purposeful and fulfilling life. Participants will be encouraged to connect with others through facilitated small group discussions within breakout rooms on the virtual platform. Our aim is to alleviate the negative effects of social isolation and/or loneliness through the power of engagement, renewed interest, connection and purpose. There may be the opportunity for projects and activities, based on the particular area of health and the goals set forth by the participants themselves.

Each person who registers will receive a Zoom link to attend all 6 sessions of the Power Series, along with detailed instructions and additional information. All sessions will be recorded.

Registration takes place February 1st through February 22nd.

Limit: 150 participants

Come join our community!

Need a ZOOM Tutorial?

If you missed the free Zoom Tutorial with Jordan Mittler, you can watch a video recording of the session by clicking here
In this recording, Jordan teaches us how to join a ZOOM meeting (by video or telephone), communicate with the host and other participants (by raising your hand and writing in the chat box),  how breakout rooms work , and much more!

Zoom Resources

Basic Zoom Instructions

Series Topics and Details

Click on a photo to learn more about the speaker.

Physical Health: The Power of Action

March 3, 12-1pm EST

Speaker: Rita Losee, ScD, RN
Physical Fitness does not need to be an unreachable goal. People with varying levels of fitness can improve their overall health and wellness through goal setting, motivational triggers, and by having a lifestyle mindset.

Spiritual Health: The Power of Spiritual Aging

March 10, 12-1pm EST

Speaker: Rev. Joanna Seibert, MD
Spirituality is a personal practice that considers individual beliefs to help guide one’s understanding of and connection to the greater community. Explore strategies for living in the present, finding your supple heart, and understanding ways to honor and forgive those you have loved.

Story Health: The Power of Who We Are

March 17, 12-1pm EST

Speaker: Diane Atwood, Catching Health
Story-telling has been used for thousands of years, as a way to pass down knowledge and history. Every person has a story that is worth telling. Explore ways to tell your story by learning about basic story elements and considering a variety of story prompts to get you started.

Social Health: The Power of Connections

March 24, 12-1pm EST

Speaker: Patricia Oh, LMSW, PhD
Poor quality relationships and limited interactions with others not only affect our feelings and sense of worth, they cause physiological damage to our bodies in the form of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, depression, and ultimately, early death. Explore ways to maintain solid connections with others, especially during these times through a Social Connection Plan.

Cognitive Health: The Power of Lifelong Learning

March 31, 12-1pm EST

Speaker: Nicci Kobritz, Geriatric Nurse Practitioner
Lifelong learning is very important to improving cognition. Cognitive function includes the ability to think, reason and judge. It also depends on the health and fitness of the brain. Explore how to adapt important lifestyle interventions known to improve brain fitness while optimizing the benefits of lifelong learning.

Emotional Health: The Power of Resilience

April 7, 12-1pm EST

Speaker: Suellen Nadeau, PMHCNS, BC,CWP, CMHIMP, RYT
Stress can have a significant impact on one’s physical, mental, and spiritual health. Explore practical strategies to negate the feelings associated with stress through mindfulness skills and strength-based practices.


We’re sorry, but registration for the Power Series is closed.

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