These clubs and organizations listed below are recognized by Student Government. Each club upholds the core values and support the mission of the College. Clubs and organizations serve to enrich each student’s experience here at SJC through various events and programs.

For more information, please contact Michael Theriault, Student and Club Programming Specialist, at or 207-893-6607.

Active Minds

Advisor: Marion Young

Through campus-wide events and national programs, Active Minds aims to remove the stigma that surrounds mental health issues, and create a comfortable environment for an open conversation about mental health issues on campuses and nationwide.

Business Club

The Business Club broadens students' understanding, appreciation, and preparation for entry into the business arena. Club members enjoy taking part in activities such as hosting guest speakers and on-campus events and volunteering at local nonprofits.

Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) represents the student body and their interests concerning on-campus activities. CAB runs multiple events throughout the school year, most notably the annual Spring Fling. CAB members also provide input on many other forms of campus entertainment throughout the year – like comedians, live movie showings, as well as choosing what to add to our large movie collection that we hold in our library, the Blue Box. Any student to join the Board at any time.

Dance Team

Advisor: Victoria Bernier

The Dance Team is a great club for students interested in making new friends, supporting your school, being a part of an exceptional dance team, and having fun. This season, we are looking forward to continuing to entertain fans at basketball games and competing in regional dance competitions.


Ecoreps volunteer and meet to raise awareness on sustainability and environmental issues. We develop and implement projects and events to address these issues and focus on making SJC as green a community as we can be! We learn alongside our peers on how to achieve our goals together. We encourage new ideas and perspectives on how to improve the community and promote sustainability for future years to come.


Esports at Saint Joseph’s College is a student driven program, that is in close partnership with our Esports club. The Esports club is dedicated to providing a community-based gaming centric environment, for both gamers and non-gamers. Using a unique, custom built space, for casual and competitive gamers, Esports provides socially engaging events for everyone throughout the year by including team and single player-based games. Within the club, members conduct themselves with honesty, tactical game play styles and overall respect for all participants and equipment.

Exercise and Sports Performance

Advisor: Jenna Chase

The Exercise and Sports Performance Club promotes health and wellness on campus and throughout the community. By being advocates of healthful living, club members provide exercise and training information to College and community members, with the intent to generate excitement both for the exercise science major and leading a healthy life among the local and greater community.

Gay-Straight Transgender Alliance+

The GSTA+ is a student-led organization that provides a safe, supportive environment for people who are gay, straight (ally), transgender, lesbian, bisexual, queer, or questioning, as well as many other identities.  We strive to ensure that all members of our community feel valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. The club provides educational and social programming for all members of the SJC community. We are all-inclusive and aim to represent equality on our campus! Read Saint Joe's LGBTQ+ statement.

Habitat for Humanity/Rotaract

Advisor: Kathryn Cody and Jared Felker

The Habitat for Humanity and Rotaract clubs on campus joined forces to help others. The College’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity and Rotaract is dedicated to working with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland to build affordable housing for low-income families in the southern Maine area. In addition to constructing houses, the club is committed to combating homelessness and bringing homelessness awareness and housing insecurity to the students. The club achieves these goals by holding various programs throughout the year and by participating in home builds.

History Club

Advisor: Kyle Hall

The History Club is open to any and all people who have a passion or enjoyment in history. This club welcomes, not only people that have academic interests in the subject, but also those who recreationally enjoy history.

Health and Wellness Club

Advisor: Karen Croteau

The Health and Wellness Club brings awareness to all aspects of health. We volunteer for the local Camp Sunshine at the Freeport Pumpkin Fest, and carry out fun activities for the entire school community. We work to encompass both mental and physical health into all of our programs. We welcome all new comers and all majors. Participation in our club can help benefit your health too.


Advisor: Residence Life

Interhall Council is an organization made up of members who represent their residence halls. The council meets weekly to discuss ways to improve the residence halls. With the approval of the club advisor and the Campus Life staff, the club implements these ideas in order to make the halls a safer and more pleasant place to live.

Love Your Melon

Advisor: Emily Lesher

Love your Melon: Our mission statement is: Love your melon campus crew will raise money in support of pediatric cancer and provide therapeutic experiences for children undergoing pediatric cancer treatment all across the country and live out the Love Your Melon Mission. Love Your Melon’s mission is to support their nonprofit partners who work in the field of pediatric oncology, fund cancer research initiatives and provide direct support for families of children battling cancer.

Outdoor Adventure Club

Advisor: Kimberly Post

The Outdoor Adventure Club focuses on outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and seasonal activities. We are open to the entire student body and are always open to new suggestions. We have activities for people of all skill levels, whether you’re an expert in the outdoors or a beginner.

Political Science

Advisor: Mark Hibben

The Political Science Club seeks to enhance education and awareness of politics and current news to students. In the past, the College has sponsored trips to Washington, D.C. The club also invites speakers to campus, like Congressional candidates. Members do not need to be studying political science to join. The club has no political party affiliation, and anyone of any political belief may join.

Pre-Professional Science Club

Advisor: Camilla Bridge

The Pre-Professional Sciences Club provides a venue for science students to collaborate on the various activities, challenges, and course of action necessary in their professional pursuits. Members are given the opportunity to help one another and provide the campus community with healthcare information,community service projects, and fundraising for causes important to the club.The club also helps its members plan and prepare for the admission process for graduate school.

Psychology Club

Advisor: Joshua Schoenfeld

The Psychology Club opens its arms to anyone in any major who wishes to learn about psychology.Along with creating fun and educational opportunities for members, the club provides information about graduate school and the various career options open to psychology majors. The club’s strong interest is in the welfare of all people both on and off campus, to create opportunities for building strong social connections and for lending a helping hand to the broader community.

Social Work Club

The social work club's mission is to assist members of our community in achieving their basic human needs through destigmatizing mental health and providing community outreach, support, and connections with local resources.

Student Education Association of Maine

Advisor: Patricia Waters

The Student Education Association of Maine (SEAM) is a group of elementary ed., secondary ed., physical ed., and special ed. students who are dedicated to helping local communities. Every year members volunteer time and service to several schools; most recently painting the cafeteria and gym at Marshwood Middle school during the 10th annual Day of Caring.  In addition, our club hosts events for children like Trick-or-Treat night and Dr. Seuss Day. SEAM provides limited Maine Education Association (MEA) student memberships which provide access to local professional development conferences. Members also organize the Senior Education Pinning Ceremony for education graduates in April.

Student Nurses Association

The Student Nurses Association (SNA) is a group for nursing students. We provide academic assistance to club members through peer mentoring, create and participate in community service events, and have a lot of fun! Each year we do community service events such as the Breast Cancer Walk, carving/painting pumpkins with nursing home residents, making bookmarks and tie blankets to donate to the children's hospital, etc. We have meetings once a month on Wednesday nights and our meetings and event dates and times are emailed out in advance to club members and posted on our facebook page:Saint Joseph's College SNA and on our instagram: sjcsna.

Sports Management Student Association

The Sports Management Student Association (SMSA) is open to all majors, and provides a number of opportunities for students who want to pursue a career in sports.Throughout the year, we will host various events to help club members become more involved both on campus and in the community. SMSA provides students a great opportunity to network with peers and to continue to improve their coaching and event planning skills.

Saint Joseph’s Democrats

Advisor: Kimberly Post

The Saint Joseph's Democrats inform staff, residents, and commuters about Democratic principles. Members participate in many events, including knocking on doors and phone banking for local Democratic candidates. The club is a member of the Lake Region Democrats and the Maine Democratic Party.

Student Senate

Student Senate sponsors campus events and activities, such as Harvest Fest and Finals Food Frenzy. The club acts as a liaison between students, faculty, and staff. The club is designed to listen to and voice student concerns. Membership is open to all students.

Ultimate Frisbee Club

This club's mission focuses on physical fitness and enjoying opportunities to get outside and play. The goal for this club includes hoping one day to become highly competitive. The club holds practice twice a week and is enthusiastic about competing. Ultimate Frisbee Club welcomes all levels of experience.

Young Monks (Americans) for Civil Liberty

Advisor: Dr. Chris Callaway

Additional Clubs Recognized by Student Government (SG)

For more information about these clubs, please contact the VP of Clubs & Organizations in the SG office.

Cheerleading Team
Chess Club
Criminal Justice
Doctors Without Boarders Student Chapter
Fly Fishing
Ice Hockey
Partners for World Health
Student athletic advisory committee

Student Media

For students interested in developing their writing, photography, broadcasting and publishing experiences, SGA sponsors the following organizations:

Fortitudo et Spes (Student Newspaper)
Anyone interested in writing for the College newspaper, gaining experience in photojournalism, learning more about layout, or any other aspect of newspaper production is welcome to join the staff of Fortitudo et Spes.

Literary Magazine
The College's literary publication, e.g., offers students a chance to have a story or poem published, or to learn more about literary criticism and what it takes to put together a publication.



Current students can access club forms in mySJC.