Finding Reasons to Stay and Ways to Lead

Dorothy Leckie

President Dorothy Leckie ’15 attends Saint Joseph’s College because she recognized its value even before she was a student. “I worked here for a couple of years before I went to college here,” Leckie says. “I loved coming into work. It’s a fun campus to be on, and I really like how it’s on Sebago Lake.”

Leckie, as an employee first, was able to experience the college from a perspective that not too many students have had. The opportunity to succeed and take advantage of the College’s offerings, then, was set early on.

“There are so many opportunities out there,” Leckie says of the campus. “I am a three-sport athlete, and every team I have become a part of has been like a second family to me.”

But when she’s not watching basketball games or studying in the Harold Alfond Center or playing lacrosse against a backdrop of the White Mountains, Leckie finds time to engage with the campus. She is her Class president, secretary of the Sport Management Association, an active member of the Future Alumni Association, and participates in the Physical Education club – among other activities.

“Saint Joseph’s feels like home to me,” she says. “I often find reasons to stay on campus during vacations just because I love it here so much.”