Welcome Weekend is an exciting time for our new students. Our incoming students will have three full days to get to know the campus and one another before kicking off the new academic year. There will be time to reconnect with your orientation groups, meet your RA’s and floormates, and continue to learn about your new home. Welcome!

RAs at welcome weekend

Welcome Weekend will be filled with new people, new information, and new experiences. Here are a few things to look forward to during our Welcome Weekend:

  • Meeting your RA, roommates and floormates

  • Getting settled into your residence hall and making the space your own

  • Reuniting with your Orientation Groups

  • Getting to better know our community, our area, the staff, faculty and people that make Saint Joe’s not just your school, but your new home.

Student jumps in the air
students eating cotton candy during new student orientation

Curious to see the entire schedule?

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Move-in suggestions

  • Talk to your roommate! Check to see what they are bringing/share with them what you will be bringing so you don’t have unnecessary duplicates.
  • Don’t forget the essential – toiletries + personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, soap, shampoo, deodorant). (Shower caddies are very helpful!)
  • Bedding – our beds are twin sized – this will help with selecting sheets/blankets, etc.
  • Worried you’ll forget something? We’ll be offering shuttle rides into town on Sunday to pick up any items you may have forgotten!

Commuter Students

Did you know we offer a “Commuter Camp”? Commuter Camp is an opportunity for Commuter Students to live on campus for the first two weeks of the semester in order to fully acclimate to our campus and get to know our community a little better. This program is free of charge for any first-year or transfer commuter student who would like to participate. Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Stay overnight in a residence hall for two weeks (first-year residence hall for first-year students and upperclassmen residence halls for transfer students).
  • Enjoy eating in Pearson’s Café at no cost.
  • Attend student activities programming in the evening at ease.
  • Make friends and learn more about our campus and resources. We have an exciting opportunity for all new commuter students.

You can register for Commuter Camp here. Questions? Please reach out to orientation@sjcme.edu.


8-11:30 am COVID-19 Entry Testing, Health Center

It is our top priority to keep our SJC community as safe as possible. Your first stop during Welcome Weekend is to get your COVID-19 entry test done at the Health & Wellness Center in O’Connor Hall. As soon as you drive onto campus, you will pull up to our comfort zone. Our staff will direct you to the COVID-19 entry testing site.

Once you have done your COVID-19 test, you can move into your residence hall!

Please note: You will only be notified by the Health Center if you test positive for COVID-19. If you do test positive for COVID-19, you will need to return home to isolate. The Health Center will explain the necessary steps to return to campus once you complete your isolation.

8-11:30 am Resident Student Move-In, Residence Halls

It’s time to move into your residence hall! Members of our mighty Blue Crew will be ready to help you move all of your items into your room. All you will need to do is drive to your residence hall and Blue Crew will take care of the rest!

Please note: Again, you will need to complete COVID-19 entry testing at the Health & Wellness Center in O’Connor Hall prior to moving into your residence hall.

9-11:30 am Explore Campus! Various Outdoor Locations

After unpacking your room, feel free to explore our beautiful campus! During this time, you can…

  • Get some Monk merch at the Campus Store
  • Visit the lakefront
  • Checkout our network of trails

Please note: We will have golf carts available for those interested in seeing our Sebago lakefront!

10:30-11:30 am Commuter Student Check-In, Baggot Street Café

Commuter students can check in at Baggot Street Café – a place where you will likely be regularly hanging out in the not-too-distant future! Also, check out the Mercy Center that is right next door and some of the resources available specifically for commuters!

11:30 am-12:45 pm  Lunch, Pearson’s Café

You and your family or friend can enjoy lunch together in Pearson’s Café.

1-1:30 pm Welcoming Session and Opening Prayer, Alfond Center Tent

Join members of our campus community as we welcome you and your family and friends to Saint Joe’s!

1:30-2 pm Friend and Family Farewell, Alfond Center Tent

At this time, we ask you and your family or guest and/or friends to say your goodbyes before you move on to the rest of your Welcome Weekend. This will be the end of family/friends programming at Welcome Weekend.

2-2:15 pm New Student Class Photo, Xavier Hall

You and your new classmates will take a photo together as you begin your journey at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine!

2:15-3 pm Orientation Group Time, Various Outdoor Locations

Hello, again! It’s time to reconnect with your New Student Orientation group!

3-4 pm Where Community Grows, Alfond Center Tent

Join students and staff to learn how we look out for each other at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine.

4-5 pm Residential Living Meeting, Residence Halls

If you are a residential student, this is a chance for you to meet your Resident Advisor (RA) and your new neighbors who will be living on your floor.

4- 5 pm Commuter Student Meeting, Baggot Street Café

As a commuter student, this is a great time to meet your fellow commuters, exchange tips on cheap gas stations, and discover campus resources designed just for you.

5-7 pm New Student Dinner, Pearson’s Café

Enjoy dinner at Pearson’s Café before the exciting evening activities!

7-8:30 pm Win Money Game Show, Baggot Street Café

It’s go time! Join your classmates and new friends for the Win Money Game Show! It’s fun. It’s interactive. And there is cold hard cash to be won!

8:30-11 pm Block Party Sponsored by Student Government, Clark’s Court

The Block Party is a tradition at SJC during Welcome Weekend! Whether it’s just to hang out, cheer, or dive in, there will be an assortment of lawn games, basketball tournaments, fun food, and more!

9-10 am Morning Meditation, Lakefront

Join us for a relaxing start to your day down by Sebago Lake for morning meditation. It’s a great way to begin a Saturday, ground yourself, and enjoy nature before things get busy.

10-10:30 am Transfer Student Brunch, Sr. Mary Kneeland Dining Room

Transfer students, join us for a special brunch just for you where you will meet new people, including staff who will support you as you learn the ropes at SJC.

10-11:30 am Brunch, Pearson’s Café

Enjoy a delicious brunch in Pearson’s Café with other new students.

11:45 am Meet with Orientation Group, Various Outdoor Locations

Meet back up with your Orientation Leaders and Orientation Group before our next activity!

12-1:30 pm Life On and Off Campus Fair, Alfond Center Tent

Join us for the Life On and Off Campus Fair where you will meet various departments on-campus and learn about local businesses off-campus. Giveaway items and a raffle will be available, and maybe there will be four-legged creatures to pet!

1:45 pm Meet with Orientation Group, Various Locations

Reconnect and compare notes with your Orientation Leaders and Orientation Group before our next activity!

2-3:30 pm Playfair Experience! Mercy Lawn

Playfair is a fun, interactive, and engaging experience that allows you to meet tons of new students, just like you and some who may be different from you, which is super cool. This exciting event is an SJC favorite!

3:30-4 pm Break

4-5 pm New Student Team Dinner, Pearson’s Café

Grab dinner in Pearson’s Café with other new students and enjoy a brief presentation from our Athletics Department. Go Monks!

5:15 pm Departure to Portland, Alfond Center

Take me out to the ball game! Board the bus for Portland to watch a Sea Dogs game. Don’t worry – we got your ticket covered! The shuttle departs from Alfond Center at 5:15 pm. Be there!

Please note: Bring a card or some cash if you think you’ll need some nachos or the like during the game!

6-10 pm Portland Sea Dogs Baseball Game, Portland

Bring a sweatshirt (preferably an SJC sweatshirt!) and enjoy an evening in Portland watching the Sea Dogs, a double-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. Shuttles will take students back to SJC when the game ends.

10:30-11:30 am Brunch, Pearson’s Café

Start your day off with a delicious brunch in Pearson’s Café with other new students.

12 pm SJCares Day Kickoff, Baggot Street Café

At SJCares Day, you’ll spend an afternoon getting to know our greater community. It’s a chance for new students to join together, meet some new people, and show that SJC CARES!

12:15-3:30 pm SJCares Day, Off-Campus Service

You and your new classmates will be shuttled to different service locations to take part in SJCares Day! Once at your designated site, you and your team will take part in various activities and experience the Saint Joe’s way of making the world a little bit better. Shuttles will pick you up and return you to SJC by 3:30 pm.

3:30-5:30 pm Optional Trips to Walmart, Saint Joseph’s Hall

Need to grab some items at Walmart? We will have shuttles running to Walmart at 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm to help you out!

5:30-7 pm Dinner, Pearson’s Café

It’s been a long day! Kick back with your new friends at Pearson’s and enjoy dinner.

7-8 pm Mass, Healy Chapel

Join us as we celebrate the start of a new year – all are welcome!

8-9 pm Sundae Sunday! Baggot Street Café

Make-your-own ice cream sundae in Baggot Street to celebrate the night before the first day of classes! Be bold as you build that ice cream sundae!

4-7 pm Welcome Night! Mercy Lawn

We invite you to Welcome Night, an event filled with food, fun, festivities, and most importantly, community! Students, staff, and faculty will all take part in the festivities!