Fr. Gabriel at Mass

Inquiry is for any student interested in exploring the Catholic faith. Sessions provide an opportunity to reflect on Scripture and tradition. Students are encouraged to ask questions and are supported while they discern what God is moving in their hearts. If you have ever wondered what being Catholic is all about, or if you simply are exploring the invitation to a deeper relationship with Christ, these sessions may be for you.

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, or 
RCIA, is a journey of faith and discernment. The Catechumenate is a process grounded in a desire for, and experience of, a deep conversion to Jesus Christ and His values. Students are formed in faith by reflecting on Scripture and the Catholic community’s history, liturgy, beliefs, and apostolic works. The RCIA is a formation process which culminates in full membership in the Catholic Church, through the three Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Eucharist.

RCIA is for students who have been through a period of inquiry and discernment and have decided to pursue full membership within the Catholic Church. The program is primarily designed for those seeking baptism; that is, those not baptized previously. Since baptized Christians from other denominations may also be seeking membership within the Catholic Church, the RCIA program can be adapted to their needs, as well.


For Catholic college students who have celebrated the sacraments of baptism and eucharist and are participating in Mass, Campus Ministry offers the opportunity to prepare for and celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation by partaking in the College’s confirmation program. Sessions will begin during Advent and the confirmation will take place during the Easter Season.

The sessions will provide a review of important elements of the Catholic faith as rooted in baptism. Appropriate adult catechesis is combined with personal spiritual growth. The sessions provide an environment of community, discussion, and discernment.

Small Group

Peer group faith sharing designed to promote growth in discipleship.

Multi-Faith Room

Available for daily prayer and meditation.

Please contact Campus Ministry for more information or with questions regarding these programs.

Kathryn Cody
Director of Mercy Center