Romero CenterSaint Joseph’s College nurtures intellectual, spiritual, and social growth. While Campus Ministry focuses on spiritual growth, we recognize that this can be difficult to achieve when isolated from other aspects of our being – or from each other! Students of all faiths are encouraged to tend to their own faith life and to join in community with others as part of a common quest for meaning. A variety of opportunities are offered throughout the year, including:

  • New England Catholic College Retreat: Held every year, in fall and spring.
  • Maine Colleges Retreat: Offered twice a year, students from the College’s Mercy Center and from the Newman Centers of public and secular private colleges in Maine get together for an overnight or weekend to get away. The event involves group activities, lectures from notable speakers, and reflection, all while sharing in fellowship and having fun.
  • Service Leadership Retreat: Held annually on campus, this retreat seeks to help seasoned student leaders grow in self-awareness, reflect on and develop leadership skills, and learn how to support the spiritual growth of others through reflection on service experiences. By invitation only, participants must have demonstrated leadership within the campus community.
  • First-Year Retreat
  • Mercy Farm Justice Ecological Retreat

To request this year’s dates or learn more information on any of the retreats listed above, please contact Campus Ministry at