day 1 welcome

Good afternoon, Monks,

We're so glad that students are back on campus.  A heartfelt welcome back to everyone.

Over the last 21 days, we've shared a lot of new information about new staff and new initiatives.  I'm so proud to say that the changes you'll see have been as a result of conversations we've had with students over time.

It's a testament to who we are as a community, that if there are things that are in need of change, it's a conversation that's required to move the ball forward (and by conversation, I mean an honest-to-goodness conversation, not just a Tik Tok, or a witty social media post, although I do love those things, too).  A measured conversation between human beings who all care very much for the same institution and care about those who inhabit it.

So, here's to communication!

The year promises to hold more change ahead, so buckle up.  While change can interrupt our normal patterns and can be frustrating (we have to find our way around a newly configured cafe, new ways of getting around campus, having to curate our social gatherings to a very limited guest list), change is also necessary to wiggle us out of the ruts that we've become accustomed to and results in a better experience for everyone.

These changes underscore a constantly changing College.  Your College.

We hope every student will participate in continue to share their perspective, and shape Saint Joe's.  All of our best designs and ideas are ones that have been shaped by all voices and experiences, and represent the creativity and changing needs and interests of our student body.

So let's get on with it!  Everyone's here.  Thanks for reading.  Have a great year, Monks!



Matt Goodwin is the Dean of Students at Saint Joseph’s College.

Along with a team of Campus Life professionals in the areas of Student Engagement & Residential Living, Counseling Center, Health & Wellness Center, Campus Safety, and the Mercy Center, Campus Life supports students’ holistic personal development, learning, and empowerment in service to a global community.