Bachelor of Arts in Political Science


Political science is as old as the Athenians and as current as today’s newspapers, yet its study, especially in a democracy such as ours, serves to inform those who will be taking over positions of power and responsibility in the very near future.

Saint Joseph’s political science students will understand the basic principles of political science, with a special focus on the four main divisions in political theory: American government, international studies, comparative politics, and public administration. Upon completion of the requirements of this major, students will be better prepared for continued study at the graduate level in political studies, law, or several of the related areas well served by this academic foundation.

At a Glance

  • Emphasizes the development of skills in communication, research, and analysis.
  • Dynamic, dedicated faculty experts with a wide variety of backgrounds.
  • One-on-one faculty mentoring.
  • Well-connected network of alumni in local and federal government.
  • Leadership opportunities within the Political Science Club.
  • Established Washington Center internship program; students accepted to the program live and intern in Washington, D.C. for a semester.


The Political Science curriculum covers topics in American government and politics, international relations and globalization, counter-terrorism, research methods, and more. For further specialization, a Political Science major may choose from one of four areas of concentration in history, international, statistics, or law.

minor in political science is available and requires students to take 20 credit hours.


Mark Hibben
Mark HibbenAssociate Professor of Political Science
PhD, Syracuse University MA, Syracuse University MA, University of Birmingham, U.K. BS, University of Maine
Michelle Laughran
Michelle LaughranAssociate Professor of History
PhD, University of Connecticut MA, University of Connecticut BA, College of William & Mary
Andrea Vianello
Andrea VianelloAssociate Professor of History
PhD, University of Pavia, Italy Laurea (BA and MA combined), University of Venice, Italy


Rachel Bruns ’21
Rachel Bruns ’21Political Science Internship
“I have had the amazing opportunity to be an intern and a volunteer for the Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project. I saw first-hand people go through the unthinkable hardship of facing an abuser in court, the confusion and vulnerability in family law cases, and the exploitation and degradation some have felt in work settings. This solidified my plans for going to law school.”
Will Hardiman ’19
Will Hardiman ’19
Will interned for the Gov. Joseph Brennan Archives. “The Brennan Archives was one of the most interesting things I have ever experienced. It was amazing to see how Gov. Brennan was able to be a Congressman, but still feel the pulse of his constituents’ concerns.”

Read more about Will’s internship.

Ray Mosca ’19
Ray Mosca ’19
Raymond Mosca ’19, spent the summer on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. “Before I arrived in Washington, I thought I had a very sound understanding of the legislative process … there are certain details and levels of complexity that can only be learned from watching the process take place firsthand. Over the course of the summer, my leadership skills have developed significantly.”



Student group photo from the Sebago Lake to Washington DC trip

From Sebago Lake to the Nation’s Capital

Reflections on the annual Poli Sci trip to DC and the desire to restore respect for political office

Paul Riley ’20 of Dedham, Massachusetts, shared his reflections on the value trips to Washington. DC. When he mentions “Ray” and his experience, he refers to Raymond Mosca ’19, who spent last summer as an intern at the Washington Center and also interned for Senator Susan Collins and Representative Bruce Poliquin.

Beyond Partisanship

Rethinking Politics as Critically Engaged Citizenship