Science students perform research on Sebago LakeIndividuals interested in pursuing a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) & Secondary Education degree (or already enrolled) in one of the four STEM & Secondary Education programs may apply to be a GFSTM (Growing Future STEM Teachers in Maine) Noyce Scholar and receive a full tuition scholarship for their junior and senior years. Recipients of GFSTM Noyce Scholarships commit to teaching for four years in a high-need school district after completion of the program. GFSTM commits to supporting graduates through new teacher induction coaching, professional learning communities, and professional development opportunities.

Benefits of Becoming a GFSTM Noyce Scholar

Exceptional Support and Preparation in the Third and Fourth Years:

  • Two Years Free Tuition - At up to $51,000 over two years, scholarships cover tuition for the junior and senior year fully when combined with an SJC Merit Award and/or federal grants for the junior and senior years! Depending on additional grants, this may even cover some or all room and board.
  • Travel Funds - Scholars will receive full funding for travel to regional and national conferences and workshops on STEM & Secondary Education
  • Field Experiences - Scholars are placed in the partner school classrooms and with outstanding mentor teachers
  • Learning from Experts - Scholars explore topics such as trauma-informed teaching, culturally relevant teaching, rural challenges, and Native American educational traditions from leaders in the field.

Support BEYOND the fourth year

  • Induction Coach - After graduation, Scholars will have an induction coach to provide classroom observations and just-in-time coaching.
  • Annual Professional Development - Graduates may participate in a deep dive seminar, speak to current students, and meet with education faculty to discuss work in their schools and to improve existing curricula.
  • Professional Learning Community (PLC) - Graduates will participate in an online PLC to engage with new teacher peers and veteran teachers in structured monthly discussions.


To be considered for a GFSTM Noyce Scholarships applicants must:

  • Have completed at least 24 STEM credits prior to their first semester as a Scholar, and have a clear pathway to complete the program in two years. Typically sophomore STEM majors will meet this threshold.
  • Be enrolled in one of the four STEM & Secondary Education programs by the GFSTM application deadline. Transfer applicants must have completed the general SJC transfer application.
  • Have earned a 3.0 cumulative GPA in their college courses or 2.7 with letter of recommendation
  • Be a United States citizen
  • Have demonstrated a passion for STEM & Secondary Education and an interest in teaching in high-needs schools. GFSTM Associates and those who have participated in GFSTM activities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Since cultural and racial diversity is an asset to the STEM teaching workforce students from underrepresented backgrounds are encouraged to apply; particularly students from immigrant families, Native Americans, and first-generation college students. Those from rural backgrounds, partner school districts, and community colleges are also highly encouraged.

How to Apply

Are you in a STEM major, and are considering becoming a teacher? Come talk to us and see if one of our four STEM & Secondary Education programs is right for you. There are lots of opportunities to learn more about the programs and the profession, from workshops to the Teaching Experience Short Course (TESC). We even provide you with a stipend to participate!

The deadline for the 2023/24 academic year is Friday, March 31. Apply Now.

Community College and Transfer Students - Articulation Agreements

GFSTM has created articulation agreements with Southern Maine Community College with each of the four STEM & Secondary Education programs and strongly encourages transfer applicants! Whether you’re currently at a community college, or if you are a high school student interested in a 2+2 pathway, please check out our Articulation page. We also encourage potential transfer applicants to get in touch with our Admissions Office to determine eligibility.

The deadline for the 2023/2024 academic year is Friday, March 31. Apply Now.

Apply to SJC today. Learn about our STEM & Secondary Education programs and articulation agreements.

If you know you want to be a STEM teacher at the secondary level, GFSTM is here to support you in reaching your goals. Whether you want to spend 4 years at SJC’s beautiful Sebago Lake campus, or you’re considering our cost-effective 2+2 program (2 years at SMCC and 2 years at SJC), you could be eligible to become a GFSTM Noyce Scholar and receive full-tuition scholarships for your 3rd and 4th years at SJC.

Learn more about STEM & Secondary Education programs.

Funding Agencies and Partners

Deering High School
Lewiston High School
Westbrook High School
Bonny Eagle High School
Old Town High School
Windham Middle and High School
Lake Region Middle and High School

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