A few important COVID-related updates from the Pandemic Response Team:

BOOSTER REQUIREMENT: As an institutional setting, everyone in the SJC community is eligible and required to receive a COVID-19 booster six months after your initial vaccine date (or two months for Johnson & Johnson / Janssen). The booster does not need to be the same kind as your initial vaccine, per the recent CDC announcement -  allowing you to make the decision to “mix and match” your booster type.

All community members will receive an email from the Health & Wellness Center on the day you are eligible to make your booster appointment. Please look out for it. You must make your booster appointment within 30 days of the appointment email. Failure to make your appointment may affect your class registration, employment, or activities status. (Note: You may choose to have a licensed healthcare provider or facility administer your booster shot off campus - please upload your documentation through the Health and Wellness Center’s encrypted Google Form.)

FACE MASKS: COVID-19 transmission and hospitalizations are still high across Maine. Therefore, masks are still required in indoor public areas on our campus. This includes all classrooms, hallways, the Alfond Center, dining areas before sitting, and group office settings. Please make sure you bring your mask with you, and wear it over your mouth and nose. And hey, let’s give each other a break - don’t put your friends, professors, or anyone else on campus in a position of having to remind you of this requirement. The mask rules are clear, and it’s awkward to play the enforcer.

Thank you for doing your part to “boost” community immunity and consistent mask wearing!