A few days before Welcome Weekend, the College is seeing a rise in cases of COVID-19 - a trend that we have expected as students, faculty, and staff are returning to campus from their homes and summer vacations. SJC currently has 16 positive cases across our community, including a segment of our Resident Advisor group.

All of the affected community members are isolating at home for seven days, per our existing guidelines. Our Health and Wellness Center is currently tracing all contacts. Every close contact who tests negative will be tested again in five days, while wearing a mask in the interim.

The good news is that our community is currently 94% fully vaccinated, a very high percentage that will prevent the most serious effects of COVID for most people. Our vaccination rate will not impact our vigilance, but it should provide some measure of reassurance as we come back together.

We will continue to keep you updated on our community health status via email this week, and you can always find the latest on our web dashboard.