This dashboard provides regular updates on the current status of the health of the Saint Joseph’s College community. Please check back regularly for the lates news and information. For info about COVID-19 in our region, please visit Covid Act Now or the CDC’s County Tracker.

Latest Community Health Updates

56% Boostered ⋅ 99% Vaccinated

December 2, 2021

Community Immunity graphic Nov 30 2021

Health Status

5 active cases.

COVID Update: Boosters Up? Masks Down.

November 19th, 2021|

Good news! Saint Joe’s will be lifting our public indoor mask requirement once the community has reached an 85% COVID vaccine booster rate.

SJC has been pushing our booster rate steadily higher every day. Thank you all for continuing to protect each other’s health and safety. Let’s get to our 85% goal as fast as possible by scheduling your required booster shot appointment as soon as possible. When the Health and Wellness Center alerts you by email of your eligibility, don’t wait. Book it!

If you have already received that email, your 30-day appointment clock is ticking. We have a number of folks who are currently eligible, but haven’t scheduled their booster. We promise that Thanksgiving will be more fun if you spend your break eating too much, not searching for a place that will give you a booster on short notice.

Once we lower our mask requirement, we will remain a “mask-positive” campus. That means that anyone who feels more comfortable wearing a mask will be encouraged to do so. It also means that there may be some places – certain classrooms, offices, and visitor events for example – where you may be asked to continue wearing a mask. So please keep a mask handy, because honoring each other’s wishes and health needs is a cornerstone of a compassionate, respectful community.

The flu is another reason to stay mask positive this time of year. Last fall and winter we saw a sharp drop in flu cases around Maine and here at SJC. Unfortunately that dip does not appear to be continuing this year. Cases of flu are currently spiking. Masks can keep us safe from more than COVID, so we encourage you to wear one. And remember, if you don’t feel well please head to the Health Center immediately. Prevention is our first line of defense against all viruses.

Thanks for moving quickly toward ending the mask mandate once we hit our booster goal. You can track our progress toward Community Immunity at the Campus Health Dashboard.

Booster and Mask Update

November 3rd, 2021|

A few important COVID-related updates from the Pandemic Response Team:

BOOSTER REQUIREMENT: As an institutional setting, everyone in the SJC community is eligible and required to receive a COVID-19 booster six months after your initial vaccine date (or two months for Johnson & Johnson / Janssen). The booster does not need to be the same kind as your initial vaccine, per the recent CDC announcement –  allowing you to make the decision to “mix and match” your booster type.

All community members will receive an email from the Health & Wellness Center on the day you are eligible to make your booster appointment. Please look out for it. You must make your booster appointment within 30 days of the appointment email. Failure to make your appointment may affect your class registration, employment, or activities status. (Note: You may choose to have a licensed healthcare provider or facility administer your booster shot off campus – please upload your documentation through the Health and Wellness Center’s encrypted Google Form.)

FACE MASKS: COVID-19 transmission and hospitalizations are still high across Maine. Therefore, masks are still required in indoor public areas on our campus. This includes all classrooms, hallways, the Alfond Center, dining areas before sitting, and group office settings. Please make sure you bring your mask with you, and wear it over your mouth and nose. And hey, let’s give each other a break – don’t put your friends, professors, or anyone else on campus in a position of having to remind you of this requirement. The mask rules are clear, and it’s awkward to play the enforcer.

Thank you for doing your part to “boost” community immunity and consistent mask wearing!

COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots

October 4th, 2021|

Back in May, when we established the College’s requirement that all non-exempt students, faculty, and staff be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the possibility of booster shots was on the distant horizon. Full vaccination has meant two Pfizer or Moderna shots, or the single Johnson & Johnson shot, plus two weeks.

Now booster shots are much closer to widespread availability. Following federal and state guidelines, SJC will be incorporating them into our definition of fully vaccinated. The College will require COVID-19 boosters for campus students and all faculty and staff (excluding those who currently have approved exemptions). The requirement will be implemented on a rolling basis – as boosters become available, and as the list of recommended recipients expands.

More details about this process will follow from the PRT, the Health and Wellness Center, and SJC’s Human Resources team. Together we will establish an orderly process to ensure that our entire community continues to live and learn safely at Saint Joe’s.

If you have already received your booster, please update your full vaccination status at the Health and Wellness Center’s encrypted Google form.


September 23rd, 2021|

The Pandemic Response Team would like to share President Dlugos’ message of condolence to one of our fellow institutions of Mercy higher education, Mount Mercy College. They lost one of their beloved students to COVID-19 this week. Please keep their community in your prayers, and let’s remain vigilant as this pandemic continues to affect all of our lives.

Dear President Olson,

It is with deep sorrow that we learned of the passing of Ashley Hudson earlier this week.

The loss of any member of the greater Mercy community affects us all; the untimely passing of one of our students brings special pain and grief.

Please know that the thoughts and prayers of the Saint Joseph’s College of Maine community are with Ashley, her family, and all of the Mount Mercy community.

With deepest sympathy,


SJC has zero active cases of COVID-19 on campus this week.

Public Space? Masks On.

September 21st, 2021|

Hi SJC! Just a reminder that we’re still masking up in ALL public indoor spaces on campus – and that includes residence and academic building hallways. We’ve seen some slippage in these areas lately… literally. Masks seem to be sliding down noses, and even under chins. But lipguards and chinstraps won’t stop COVID. So let’s put ’em on, and pull ’em up over your mouth and nose. Thank you!

We have zero active cases on campus.

When We Will Mask

September 16th, 2021|

The Pandemic Response Team has instituted guidelines for changing public indoor mask mandates on campus, now that our initial 14-day safety window has passed. The College will be using the CDC’s County level transmission levels, along with guidance from the Maine CDC. Whenever Cumberland County transmission of COVID-19 is listed as Substantial or High, we will be requiring masks in all public indoor spaces. Once the level drops to Moderate, SJC will ensure the downward trend is consistent by waiting 7 days to lift the public indoor mask requirement.

A quick reminder that the Stone Barn is an indoor space, even with both doors open, and masks are currently required in the building. The tent in back of the Barn is an outdoor space, where masks are optional but encouraged.

There are zero active cases of COVID-19 on campus.

Reporting Current Active Cases

September 14th, 2021|

Good morning! We will be reporting the number of current active cases in our community after our PRT meetings on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Active cases will include students, faculty and staff. The number signifies both new cases and those currently in isolation for 10 days.

Currently, there are 0 active cases on campus.