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The Institute for Integrative is developing innovative, educational programming that supports a variety of learners, from students on campus to older adults in our community. A solid academic foundation coupled with experiential learning will ensure our student body and community workforce is well-equipped to support a rapidly growing aging population.


Regularly scheduled health and  wellness seminars geared towards older adults and their family/caregivers on topics such as nutrition, transitions, safety, caregiving, mindfulness, and navigation.

Integrative Aging Minor and Certificate Program – (coming Fall 2020)

We are creating for-credit interdisciplinary courses for our students, along with non-credit courses that will be part of a certificate program that will be available to the community. These courses are centered around the five focus areas of IIA, and will support a holistic approach to healthy aging. Intergenerational collaboration will be a defining and integral component of our programming, allowing for bi-directional learning and mentorship.

Healthier Aging Conference

A conference that supports a holistic and integrative approach to aging, focusing on wellness, sustainability, and longevity. It will encompass a variety of aspects on aging, including purpose, creativity, endurance/strength, spirituality, mindfulness wellness, and fitness. Our 2020 conference has been postponed due to the Pandemic. More information to come soon!

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