A reminder that all faculty and staff, plus any students returning before move-in day in late August must submit proof of final vaccination by July 1. Please verify your vaccination status using this encrypted Google form, and upload an image of your completed vaccination card.

Students returning to campus at move-in must submit proof by August 1.

Still need your shot? Get it this Friday, June 18th, at the campus Health and Wellness Center, from 1-3 PM.

Finally, starting today, all fully vaccinated members of our community will no longer be required to participate in our testing program. Whether you're seeing Sheri and her team 2x a week, or whenever you come to campus as a remote employee, you will not have to be tested if two full weeks have passed since your final shot.

All unvaccinated community members should continue visiting the health center according to our existing policies. Let's keep pushing hard toward community immunity so we can skip the swab altogether!