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Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Philip J. Crowley Speaks on Campus

Former US Assistant Secretary of State Philip J. Crowley visited the Saint Joseph's College campus and spoke on “The Challenge of Political Leadership and Legitimacy in a Time of Extreme Partisanship, Fake News, and International Conflict.”

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Following in the Footsteps of Catherine McAuley

by Reggie Bourn Education majors convened at the Saint Joseph’s College grotto on a sunny Thursday, September 13th to attend the annual Junior Education Ceremony. This event honored the nearly twenty students from the Class of 2020 who will soon begin their teaching internships. The ceremony provides a chance for faculty and mentors to encourage [...]

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Garreth Logan ’19 on his Commitment to a Summer Research Venture

Garreth sets his feet in the swamp and gives us a rundown on his summer research venture. By: Dylan Fry Garreth Logan '19 prepares a trap for his herpatology survey. Photo: Dylan Fry '19. Garreth Logan ’19 of Casco, Maine, devoted time out of his summer for biology research. “I’m mainly doing this [...]

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MaryClaire Attisano ’20: In Service to Others

Peer Mentors are students like MaryClaire Attisano ’20 who help freshmen students become acquainted with college life and serve as role models. “I’m excited to inspire new students. In the first few days of moving to campus, everything is new. I’m someone they can turn to.”

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Environmental Science Semester 2018 Begins

Over the course of the Environmental Science Semester program, students carry a four-course load and travel over a thousand miles across two countries, three states, and six Maine islands as they gather and interpret data from unique field sites. Founded in 2014, the ESS experience creates a transformative educational experience by having students study and conduct Environmental Science in the field for two continuous months.

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Saint Joseph’s College Hosts Celebration Day for NASA-Maine Space Grant Consortium’s MERITS Program

The NASA-Maine Space Grant Consortium held their Celebration Day for the Maine Research Internships for Teachers and Students (MERITS) Program on the Saint Joseph’s College campus on Friday, August 3, 2018. Dr. Ryan Dorland, Assistant Professor of Sciences at Saint Joseph’s College, was awarded a one-year research grant for $20,000 from NASA through the MSGC to introduce satellite science and build nanosatellite prototypes in introductory calculus-based physics labs.

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Spring 2018 Dean’s List Announced

The College is pleased to announce that the following students achieved the Dean’s List for the Spring 2018 semester. To be eligible for Dean’s List, a student must attain an average of 3.5 or better, successfully complete all courses for which the student is registered with no grade less than a B-, and must carry [...]

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