A good guide is any swimmer under 4 must register for the parent /Child classes. Swimmers that are 4-5 years old should register for the Preschool 2 & Preschool 3 levels, these classes are 30 minutes each. Swimmers who are 5 to 6 years old should enter Level 1, 6 and up are in Level 2. The higher levels rely on the swimmer’s ability to place them. If your swimmer can swim the length of the pool on their front and on their back this is the beginning for Level 3. Add their ability to do the elementary back stroke with good endurance then Level 4 is your best placement. We test on the swimmers on the first day of each session for proper placement. If a class change is required it will happen during the class. You will be notified during the class that there is a change and why.

You may view the different level descriptions here: http://www.sjcaquatics.com/swim-lessons-descriptions.cfm