Bon appetit!

OK, Saint Joseph’s. Let’s get to the really important stuff. 

That’s right, today we’re talking about food - how you’ll get it, where you can eat it, and even a peek at some new flavors to whet your appetite. Director of Events, Retail and Food Operations Shay Bell has gathered her team for a tour of Pearson’s and Baggot Street, two spaces on campus that have undergone some of the biggest changes this summer. 

What you can immediately tell from their presentation is that this team has two things on their mind: the delicious meals they’ll make for us, and the safety of our entire community. They are committed to exceeding expectations on both counts, and they have worked incredibly hard for months to do it. They are really excited to show you.

So when you come to collect an online order, enter the new socially-distanced servery at Pearson’s, or pull up a chair in one of the new dining spaces around campus, make sure you give props to this wonderful group of people. They’re not letting a pandemic get in the way of your lunch.

We’ll see you in a few weeks!