A Communication About Communication

Saint Joseph’s College, this is the moment none of you have been waiting for: me on video.

That’s right. This week I took one for the team, in the interest of once again inviting you to take some time to read the recently launched Prepared with Purpose site. Along with these emails, it is the most comprehensive source of information on the changes that you will see on campus, and the expectations of our entire community throughout this unprecedented year.

Good communication is essential right now, and the College is committed to getting timely and accurate information to all of you as soon as decisions are made, plans are developed, and changes happen on campus or in Maine. We are also constantly exploring new ways of pushing out these messages, via email, web, social media, and our digital signage system. We haven’t tried carrier pigeons yet, but there’s a first time for everything.

Finally, a thank you. Many of you have taken the time to respond to these emails with questions, critiques, and kind words. All of them are helpful. All of them are an indication of the power of this community. All of them help our teams develop better plans and guidelines to help us keep each other safe. Keep ‘em coming.

That’s it from me for now. Stay cool, and see you soon!

Oliver Griswold
Chief Brand and Marketing Officer