The Pandemic Response Team met this week to discuss our classroom mask policy. The result: the College will make masking in classrooms optional, and up to the discretion of individual faculty. This step will be in effect immediately.

Please take note of the discretionary nature of this new guideline. Some faculty will prefer to maintain a mask requirement in their classes. Please respect their individual circumstances and motivations - some SJC faculty have unvaccinated toddlers or immunocompromised family members.

You may also encounter classmates who have similarly good reasons to request that you keep a mask on - please respect their wishes whenever possible. In short, we strongly recommend that you still carry a mask with you when you go to class.

We will remain a mask-positive institution. Any person who feels more comfortable wearing a mask to class (or anywhere else on campus) is encouraged to do so.

As always, this relaxation of our guidelines will be in effect until the virus tells us otherwise. We have enjoyed low-risk moments of the pandemic before, and while we hope it lasts, we will maintain our flexible approach going forward.