On Sunday, we will begin a phased movement back into “normal” campus life, while refocusing our efforts to keep campus safe through wastewater and surveillance testing, disinfection, and especially our individual behavior.

This is a time to renew our personal commitment to what keeps ourselves and our fellow Monks safe: mask-wearing, social distancing, hand-washing, and avoiding indoor gatherings. These simple acts are small sacrifices that allow us to remain in classrooms, in the lab, meeting friends for lunch, practicing with our teams, and remaining on campus for the semester. So let’s work together to prevent another Study in Place.

The phased approach will unfold over the next week, starting on Sunday. Below you will find details that relate to testing, campus spaces, and processes. Some Study in Place restrictions will end immediately, and some will be lifted as we ensure that it is safe to do so.


Testing has been core to our Study in Place strategy. One of the main reasons we instituted the program was to give Sheri Piers and her Health Center team the space to enhance our individual testing, and isolate those who test positive. They have tested most of the student body over the past two weeks, and will continue to test through the semester. But now we need to ensure that the end of Study in Place doesn’t put us back where we started, so we have introduced some targeted testing requirements that will be enforced over the next week.

  • All resident students that left SJC and are currently off-campus will be required to show a negative COVID-19 test result before they arrive back on campus, and fill out our online “Returning From Away” form. We understand that this requirement may feel inconvenient, but it is a common sense measure that dramatically reduces the risk to SJC students, faculty and staff. Our Hyflex learning system was designed to accommodate learning from on or off campus. So if you need to spend a few more days learning remotely until you can get a test done, that’s okay - just let your faculty know.
  • All resident students that remained on campus - honoring SJC and CDC guidelines - but have not been tested at the Health and Wellness Center, will be tested immediately.
  • All commuter students that missed their testing appointment in the Health and Wellness Center this week will be required to get a negative test on campus before they enter any campus building.

Phase 1 - Opening this Sunday, September 27

  • In-person classes will resume Monday.
  • Library / Learning Commons
  • Chapel
  • Residence hall common rooms
  • We will lift the restriction on being with just one other person outside, but please continue to either wear masks or keep six feet between your group when outside
  • Recruiting visits in admissions and athletics will recommence
  • Student workers will return to their jobs

Phase II - Spaces that will remain closed or restricted for at least one week, depending on test results and community adherence to masks, distancing, etc.

  • Campus Safety's “Comfort Zone” at the entrance to campus will continue for the next week. Students who wish to leave campus should continue to fill out the online Off-Campus Travel form.
  • Dining in Pearson’s and Baggot Street
  • Exercise spaces at Alfond Center - gym, pool, dance room, fitness center
  • Athletics teams will continue to hold all practices outside.
  • Resident students will not be permitted to move between residence halls, including as overnight guests in residence halls other than their own.
  • Off-campus visitors will not be allowed to come into campus residence halls
  • Families will be allowed to come and deliver food, supplies, care packages (quick outdoor visit) after checking in with Campus Safety Comfort Zone personnel.

As always, if you have questions about this or any Pandemic Response Team communication, please contact coronaquestions@sjcme.edu.