In an effort to keep our campus, and (most importantly) our student body healthy and safe, we're continuing to be flexible in how we conclude the fall semester.

In advance of the Thanksgiving holiday, the College has outlined three options for students to complete their semester classes.

All students, both resident and commuter students, should complete Form #1.  This form will allow you to indicate what your plans are as we approach Thanksgiving.

Essentially, students will have three options:

  • You may remain on campus over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Residence halls, dining services, and campus safety will remain open and available for students who wish to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday here on campus.
  • You may leave for the Thanksgiving holiday, and return to campus to finish classes.  Please know that students selecting this option will need to either upload a negative COVID-19 test (Form #2in advance of their return OR, get tested on campus through our Health Center when you return to campus.
  • You may leave for the Thanksgiving holiday and complete your classes and final exams virtually (remotely).  There are some classes and labs that are not suitable for this remote option, so it's best to check with your individual faculty members to see if virtual instruction is permitted.  If you select this option, please keep in mind that to keep our campus safe, you're not permitted to return to campus during this time, so we'll plan on seeing you in 2021!

Knowing how many students are choosing each option allows us to plan and prepare.  It helps inform everything from our activity and events, menu planning in food services, and staffing.  It also helps our Campus Safety department know who, and how many, students are on campus, and in our residence halls at any time for fire safety and emergency purposes.

Depending on what you decide, the College will need to hear from you on Form #1 by October 30th, 2020.

I'm sure several of you are interested in the College's plans for the spring 2021 semester. The College is finalizing a communication on our plans for the spring, and an additional email is forthcoming later this week.

Thank you all, sincerely, for your continued optimism, perseverance, and patience throughout this semester. I applaud you for all of your efforts so far, and you and your families continue to be in my prayers.

My best,
Matt Goodwin
Associate Vice President & Dean of Students