On April 28, hard work and achievements of students and faculty were celebrated at the annual Research Fair and Academic Award Ceremony.

At 3:00 p.m., the doors to Wellehan Library were opened to the public, allowing the SJC community a chance to view the research posters created in culmination of yearlong or semester-based studies. Representing all disciplines, students from the biology, natural sciences, and psychology, as well as Community-Based Learning curriculum, displayed and discussed their research to the fair’s visitors. Topics presented included “Temperature and conductivity influence growth of Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and leafy green vegetables in an aquaponic system,” “Ecosystem Services of Living Fence Posts: Carbon Sequesters and Bird Attractants,” “Exercise classes at Long Creek Youth Development Center,” and “Academic Stress, Time Management, and Financial Stress with Undergraduate Students.”

Following the poster presentations, the community gathered in the gymnasium to recognize the award recipients at the Academic Awards Ceremony. Students and faculty were honored for personal and academic achievements, and the College as a whole celebrated another standout year in education.

The College proudly recognized the following awards to students and faculty:

Biology Awards

Garrett Fillebrown, Biology Department Award
Gabriel Conrad, Sister Mary Joseph Bouchard Award

Business Administration Awards

Daniel Rowe, Accounting Award
Nicholas Shuckrow, Business and Sports Management Award
Patrick Damour, Finance Award
Daniel Rowe, Human Resource Management Award
Jordan Graves, International Business Award
Andrew Green, Management Award
Jordan Graves, Marketing Award

Chemistry Awards

Adrienne Dolley, Principles of Chemistry Award
Samantha Lavallee, Timothy J. O’Connor Award
Haley DaGraca, Organic Chemistry Award
Allyx Beaulier, Physics Award

Communications Awards

Amelia Connolly, Sister Delores Sablone Award
Brandon Smith, Sister Delores Sablone Award
Sarah Comtois, Jennifer Mary Jimenez Award

Education Awards

Katelyn Bonney, Evelyn O’Connor Award
Melinda Aubin, Elementary Level Education Award
Hannah Hebert, Middle Level Education Award

English Awards

Paige McKenzie, Poetry Award
Lauren Sharples, Senior Writing and Publishing Award
Alexander Terry, Senior English Award

Fine Arts Award

Nate Winter, Fine Arts Award

History and Political Science Awards

Garrett Forss, Sister Mary de la Salle O’Donnell Award
Marselina Greenlaw, Sister Mary de la Salle O’Donnell Award
Alexandria Craig, Dr. Stephen Aylward Memorial Political Science Award

Natural Science Award

Jessica Selva, Environmental Science Award

Nursing Awards

Breanna Greenbaum, Saint Joseph's College Department of Nursing Award
Cailin O’Flaherty, Carroll L. & Ina G. Bean Award
Joshua Rainey, Ina G. Bean Award
Jennifer Smith, Janet Irish Award
Lauren Ramsay, Sister Consuela White Award
Shaina Fleming, Frances M. Linehan Child Health Award

Psychology Award

Danielle Charette, Psychology Department Award
Nicole Ouelette, Psychology Department Award

Sociology and Criminal Justice Award

William Soper, Sociology Department Award

Sport and Exercise Science Awards

Adam Brooks, Sports Management Award
Colin Loveless, Physical Education Award
Desiree Parent, Exercise Science Award
Emma Davis, Health and Wellness Promotion Award

Theology Award

Garrett Forss, Department of Theology Award

Teaching Awards

Dr. Elizabeth Auger, Excellence in Teaching Award
Dr. Ryan Dorland, Excellence in Teaching Award

Community-Based Learning Awards

Nhu Vo, Exceptional Achievement in Community-Based Learning Award
Nhu Vo, Maine Campus Compact Heart and Soul Award
Amanda Tarlow, Maine Campus Compact PILLARS Student Award
Dr. Janice Rey, Sustaining Communities Award
Dr. Janice Rey, Maine Campus Compact's Donald Harward Faculty Award for Service-Learning Excellence
Alexandria Craig, International Service Award

Student Athlete Academic Awards

Taylor Black, Male Student-Athlete of the Year Award
Kelsey Dumond, Female Student-Athlete of the Year Award
Men’s Soccer, Men’s Baseball, and Women’s Volleyball, Team G.P.A. Award

Campus Life Awards

Christopher Hughes, Spirit of Mercy Award
Aliyah Gregory, Catherine McAuley Service Award
Eric Young, Jim Killoran ’80 Public Service Award

Valedictorian Award

Daniel Rowe, Valedictorian Award

Congratulations to the students who presented their research at the poster presentation:

Community-based Learning: 

Aquaponics and Sustainable Agriculture — Rebecca Barulli

Fire, Water, and Heating a Barn — Brandon Smith

Hospital sustainability: A closer look at a hard question — Kyle O’Keefe

Implementation of TerraCycle Program at Saint Joseph's College of Maine — Nhu Vo

Aquaponics Curriculum — Taylor LaPointe

Health education sessions at Long Creek Youth Development Center — Devon Burgess and Delaney McCann

Menu development at Catherine's Cupboard — Emma Davis & Mariah Hebert

Exercise classes at Long Creek Youth Development Center — Mallory Drew & Victoria Nappi

Health education classes for Pre-K classes at St. Dominic's Academy — Bethany Fox & Taylor Lane

Brochure development at Meals on Wheels — Jill Keimach


The Impact of Technology on Relationships: A Study of Undergraduate College Students — Nicole Ouellette

The Effect of Art Therapy on College Students Stress and Mood — Zoey Proctor

The Relationship Between Sleep and Academic Performance in Undergraduate College Students — Kirsten M. Greenway

Examining Gender Bias in College Classrooms — Elizabeth LaFlamme

Fears, Snakes and Exposure Therapy: A Study of College Students — Amanda Tarlow

Examining Gender Differences & Discrimination with Mental Illness Among College Students — Nicole Lord

Examining the Relationship Between Memory Performance and Arousal — Nicole Roberge

The Impact of Social Medial on Stereotypes and Body Image —  Lauren Halvorsen

The Psychological Effects of Internet Use on Anxiety, Depression and Loneliness in College Students — Katie Conley

Academic Stress, Time Management, and Financial Stress with Undergraduate Students — Justine N. Molloy

Mindful Interaction and its effects on Well-being, Happiness — Ian Riddell

Involvement as a Predictor for Satisfaction with College — Danielle Charette

Examining the Relationship between Technology Use and Sleep Quality and Stress — Abbie Eastman

The Relationship between Parenting Styles and Success in College — Alani Simmons


Poster title: "Exploiting the beta-lactam synthon method toward diversity-oriented synthesis of medium-ring compounds" — Samantha V. Lavallee

Lead in Drinking Water: Education and Water Testing in the Community — Ben Poisson, Kristina Schelling, Meghan Fullarton

Method Development Water Testing — Samantha Lavallee, Haley Batchelder, Darrian Lewry

QA/QC of Lead Contamination Water Testing — Tyler Allen, Michael Gallagher, Avery Liotta-Henderson

Determination of Lead Contamination in Maine Drinking Water: Expansion of the Overall Project Structure and Flow by the Project Management Team — Leia Berube, Elyse Caiazzo, Sarah MacLeod, Joe O'Reilly


Monk’s Maze — Samantha Turner and Allyx Beaulier LED Disco Ball — Jordan A. Kulig, Kathryn M. Michaud, and Emily G. Chandler

Breathalyzer — Desire Parent, Marc Poirier, Alexander Harper, and Taylor Black

Electromyograph — Michael Scala, Kelsey Dumond, Erica Guimond, and Kevin McWilliams

LED Movie-Theatre Walkway — Kimberly Dodd, Kylie McFadden, and Alyssa St. Peter

Honors Program Capstone Course:

Student Perspectives on Alcohol Usage at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine — Jordan Graves, Kathleen Profenno, Zachary Farrin, Meghan Fullarton, Andrew Green, Daniel Rowe, Abigail Cook, Amelia Connolly, Kylie McFadden, Maria Liberti,  Brayden Kirby,  Calvin Field, Michelle Morrison, and  Whitney Adell


Ecosystem Services of Living Fence Posts: Carbon Sequesters and Bird Attractants — Emma Astbury

The Effect of Different Concentrations of Silver Nanoparticles on Daphnia magna — Emily Chandler

Effects of triclosan (TCS) on the anatomy and size of the common shiner, Luxilus Cornutus — Gabrielle Conrad

The effects of environmental food enrichment with Lynx rufus on stereotyping and foraging behaviors —  Alana Dougherty

The Effects of Various Gasoline Concentrations on the Development and Mortality of Xenopus laevis Tadpoles — Garrett W. Fillebrown

Myriophyllum heterophyllum as a Mulch — Meghan S Fullarton

The behavioral latency response of adult crayfish Procambarus clarkii to different colored LED Lights — Allison Legere

Ethanol as a preservative for Homarus americanus eggs and its effect on the biochemical contents of lobster eggs — Evan P. Legere

An Overview of the Uses and Effects of Cannabinoids and Their Medicinal Potential — Darrian Lewry

Sensory Response to Visible Light in the American Lobster, Homarus americanus — Danessa Y. MacDonald

Biotic Ligand Model Approach: Effects of Increased Dissolved Organic Carbon in the form of Humic Acid on Copper (Cu2+) Accumulation in Gill Tissue of Common Shiners (Luxilus cornutus) Using ICP-OES Analysis — Micaela Mitchell

The effect light abundant and light restricted environments have on the change in red male Veiltail Betta fish (​Betta Splendens) color — Maria M.Napoleone

The Transference of Different Types of Pathogens Through Animals to Humans — Lauren Prue

Effects of the Biomedical Bleeding Process on Blood Volume Recovery of the American Horseshoe Crab (​Limulus polyphemus) — Nathan Rand

Phytoremediation of Zinc Chloride in Soil Using Festuca arundinacea Seed Mix — Michelle Rocker

Heavy Metals: the Effect on Antibiotic Resistance — Krissy Schelling

Special Topics in Environmental Science: 

Local and Sustainable Products for Campus Store — Tyler Allen, Leia Berube, Olivia Marable, and Nhu Vo

Food Waste at SJC: How Much is Wasted and What Can be Done to Effectively Decrease Waste? — Elyse Caiazzo, Courtney Couture, Caleb Gravel, Aliyah Gregory, Samantha Lavallee, Maria Liberti, & Takoda Peasley

Examining Meat Consumption at Saint Joseph's College — Michael Gallagher,  Cameron Keene and Benjamin Poisson


Understanding Barriers to Recycling on Campus — Leia Berube

Aquaculture Science and Methods Class:

Temperature and conductivity influence growth of Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and leafy green vegetables in an aquaponic system. — Courtney Couture, Danielle Martin, Emma Yutzler, Haley Batchelder, Joe O'Reilly, Michael Gallagher, Nhu Vo, Olivia Marble, and Tyler Allen

Hydroponics vs Aquaponics: Choosing the better system for growing leafy greens in Maine. — Courtney Couture, Danielle Martin, Emma Yutzler, Haley Batchelder, Joe O'Reilly, Michael Gallagher, Nhu Vo, Olivia Marble, and Tyler Allen