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Continuing Education

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Online courses are also available for credit as individual continuing education classes.

Individual or groups of courses within the various degree programs may be taken for continuing education purposes as desired. Courses are available for certification renewal, contractual requirement, or professional development.
The Office of Continuing Education and Training also provides educational opportunities beyond online courses. Educational programming can be face-to-face, online or a hybrid of the two. Both credit and professional development non-credit courses are available. The length of a program can vary from a one-day workshop to a one-week intensive course to a 10-module customized training program for an Education Partner.


Programs include:

  • Customized educational programs for Education Partners
  • CEU (Continuing Education Unit) professional development opportunities in various fields (teachers, CPAs, health care professionals, et al.)
  • Advanced Placement Summer Institute (APSI)


Industry-specific curriculum in every course prepares you for more responsible positions in a variety of occupations. Courses blend content with your professional experience, allowing for immediate application in your work setting.