Covenant School of Radiography (Covenant) and Saint Joseph’s College of Maine (SJC) have joined together to help current and aspiring radiologic technologists reach their goals. Pathways for degree attainment have been created and formalized through a transfer agreement between these institutions.

Covenant School of Radiography & SJC

Two pathways to degree completion have been created for graduates and aspiring students of Covenant’s Radiologic Technology program. One pathway results in the student earning their Associate degree - the other will result in a Bachelor's. Students should review the two pathways via the transfer maps linked below.

Students may begin taking SJC courses prior to entry to Covenant’s Radiologic Technology program (please see important note below). Applicable courses are outlined in the transfer maps linked on this page. Students in this situation are highly encouraged to complete the Associate degree pathway first. Students are always welcome to complete their Associate degree initially and then return to finish their Bachelor's.

Students taking SJC courses should be aware that they must be completed with a C or better. Applications to Covenant’s School of Radiologic Technology program are due by April 15th each year. Classes then begin in the fall. Students who are not admitted into Covenant’s radiology program are welcome to speak with their advisor about alternative program options at Saint Joseph's College. No degree in Radiologic Science Administration can be awarded from SJC without the technical training in radiography having been completed elsewhere in a JRCERT-accredited program and transferred in.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This transfer agreement and the following of the associated transfer maps do not guarantee entry into Covenant’s radiology program. Additional considerations are made by Covenant when reviewing applicants for acceptance that are outside the scope of the student's college education that may impact acceptance to the program, and spaces are limited. In addition, transfer maps should be referenced by the student as they work with their admissions counselor, and eventually, their advisor, each time they enroll in classes. Students are responsible for planning for and participating in the Covenant admissions process at the time at which they are eligible to apply. Saint Joseph’s College cannot be held responsible for ensuring prospective Covenant students are following Covenant’s admissions requirements and application deadlines.

For more information on the admissions process for Covenant School of Radiography, please click here, or call 806-725-8965.

Degree Plans

AS, Radiologic Science Administration

BS, Radiologic Science Administration