Heather DiYennoMeet Heather DiYenno, Program Director for the Institute for Integrative Aging

As the Program Director of the Institute for Integrative Aging, Heather DiYenno works with the surrounding older adult community to combat the social isolation, depression, and loneliness that can accompany older age as individuals’ social circles and daily interactions are shrinking. As the main program run by the Institute, Silver Sneakers helps older adults stay active both physically and socially by providing fitness classes with a community of peers. Heather says the most rewarding parts of her job are the ways in which she sees the culture around aging change as people become more involved with the older community, and even more potently, the way in which she is able to help so many people take back their lives, allowing them to find joy and purpose during difficult times. For more information on Heather and the Institute for Integrative Aging, check out the full-length profile on the SJC Magazine page.