Good news! Saint Joe’s will be lifting our public indoor mask requirement once the community has reached an 85% COVID vaccine booster rate.

SJC has been pushing our booster rate steadily higher every day. Thank you all for continuing to protect each other’s health and safety. Let’s get to our 85% goal as fast as possible by scheduling your required booster shot appointment as soon as possible. When the Health and Wellness Center alerts you by email of your eligibility, don’t wait. Book it!

If you have already received that email, your 30-day appointment clock is ticking. We have a number of folks who are currently eligible, but haven’t scheduled their booster. We promise that Thanksgiving will be more fun if you spend your break eating too much, not searching for a place that will give you a booster on short notice.

Once we lower our mask requirement, we will remain a “mask-positive” campus. That means that anyone who feels more comfortable wearing a mask will be encouraged to do so. It also means that there may be some places - certain classrooms, offices, and visitor events for example - where you may be asked to continue wearing a mask. So please keep a mask handy, because honoring each other’s wishes and health needs is a cornerstone of a compassionate, respectful community.

The flu is another reason to stay mask positive this time of year. Last fall and winter we saw a sharp drop in flu cases around Maine and here at SJC. Unfortunately that dip does not appear to be continuing this year. Cases of flu are currently spiking. Masks can keep us safe from more than COVID, so we encourage you to wear one. And remember, if you don’t feel well please head to the Health Center immediately. Prevention is our first line of defense against all viruses.

Thanks for moving quickly toward ending the mask mandate once we hit our booster goal. You can track our progress toward Community Immunity at the Campus Health Dashboard.