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When do classes start?

The majority of our programs offer five 10-week terms per year. For the 2022-2023 academic year, our 10-week terms will begin in August, October, January, March, and May. Our Nursing and Graduate Theology programs offer four 12-week terms per year beginning in July, October, January and April.

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I missed class because I am sick. Can you write me a note to excuse my absence from class?

If you are sick, you should notify your professor in the manner instructed on your course syllabus prior to missing a class. The Health & Wellness Center will provide documentation to verify the date they were seen for an appointment or a reported illness, but no further information will be provided. It is at the [...]

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Who can I talk to about a medical bill if I’m concerned about cost of service or an insurance bill I have received?

You can call the Health & Wellness Center at (207) 893-6634 and request to speak to Doreen Webber about your bill. We also utilize Physician Billing and Consulting as our billing service. They can be reached at (207) 777-5370. If you are enrolled in the College Health Insurance Plan, you may also contact Cross Insurance [...]

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I cannot register for classes because I have not submitted my immunization records. Can you lift my hold?

Maine State law requires written documentation of immunization history for all of our students. The Health & Wellness Center places holds on student accounts when students have not provided the required immunization documentation. If there is a hold on your registration, you should contact the Health Center at (207) 893-6634 to determine which documentation we [...]

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Is my medical information confidential?

Yes, your medical information is confidential. Based on the HIPPA regulations governing patient confidentiality, if you are over 18 years old, your medical information will not be shared with anyone, including your parents, professors, partners, friends and other medical providers, unless you provide your consent. Medical information will be released only in cases of medical [...]

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I am on a daily prescription medication that will require a refill monthly. Do I have to get the prescription for the refills through my doctor?

No, the nurse practitioner at the Health & Wellness Center can write refill prescriptions for your routine medications. The prescription can then be taken to one of our local pharmacies listed below to be filled (all within 5 miles of campus). Walgreens (207) 893-2562 CVS (207) 892-2541 Hannaford (207) 892-8571 Walmart (207) 893-0654

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What health services are available at the Health and Wellness Center?

Unlimited office visits that include competent diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of illness/injuries by a nurse practitioner and/or registered nurse. Basic in-house lab services that includes strep testing, influenza testing, glucose testing, cholesterol testing, monospot testing, urinalysis testing, and pregnancy testing. Physical exams Sports physicals (non NCAA athletes) Gynecological exams A wide variety of over the [...]

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Is there a charge or co-pay to be seen at the Health & Wellness Center?

No, you have already paid for the majority of our services! These are included in your tuition. You can be seen by the nurse practitioner and registered nurse as many times as needed during the semester. Sometimes, however, depending on the procedure or treatment plan, your health insurance may be billed. Students are responsible for [...]

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