by Patricia Erikson


Four student artists ready their work for exhibition: Madigan Cogger '21, Margaret Marion '20, Maya Michaud '22, and Caleb Levine '21

As the four students step up to their larger-than-life works of art, the terms that come to mind are poise, bravery, talent. Drawing deep breaths and digging for patience, the student artists pick up their brushes, pastels, or cutting tools for the final touches before exhibition.

Sprawled across and filling the art studio, their creations literally dwarf them.

They have discussed the psychological landscapes of their art and decided to title their December art exhibition “Don’t Tell. Show.” After finishing the work that culminates their semester, they face the daunting task of moving these large format pieces to Mercy Hall and mounting them for exhibition.

  • Madigan Cogger ’21 (Fine Arts major, York, ME) will exhibit large-format graphic designs that have been created digitally and printed.
  • Maya Michaud ’21 (Fine Arts major, Falmouth, ME) will exhibit a series of several paintings on wood.
  • Caleb Levine ’21 (Fine Arts major, Portland, ME) will exhibit painting on paper.
  • Margaret Marion ’20 (Arts & Design and Environmental Science major, Portsmouth, R.I.) will exhibit pastels on paper.

A celebration of their exhibit opening will occur on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 from 5:30-9:00 PM. Following the exhibit opening, “Don’t Tell. Show.” will remain open from 8 AM to 7 PM daily through December 10th. The public and campus community are welcome to attend and admission is free.