Summer is almost upon us! As we prepare for the warmer months, we want to outline some of the COVID-19 adaptations we will be implementing for students, faculty, and staff who will be with us on campus between Commencement and the start of the fall semester.

Please read carefully through the following guidelines which are effective Monday, May 10, 2021, and help us keep our community happy, healthy and safe this summer!

Student Summer Residents

Student vaccinations will be required for any student living on campus this summer. Proof that you have initiated the vaccination process, including a vaccination registration or your vaccine card with first shot and/or second shot, should be communicated to the Health & Wellness Center before May 10, 2021.

Students residing on campus and/or employed at the College for the summer will be required to participate in weekly testing at the health center on the designated testing day determined in advance by the Health Center Director - either Tuesday 3pm-7pm or Wednesday 9am-1pm.

A $96 supplemental fee will be charged to students residing on campus for increased testing costs to help keep our campus safe.


Campus operations will be limited to essential personnel in an effort to de-densify the campus population over the summer months. All non-essential staff should continue to work remotely.

Weekly testing of essential personnel working on campus will continue this summer. Essential staff should plan to stop by the Health Center for testing anytime on Tuesday from 3pm-7pm or  Wednesday 9am-1pm.

Any faculty or telecommuters who need to come to campus for business reasons should connect with their Leadership Team member for confirmation of the need to go to campus.  If agreed, testing will be necessary. Advance planning is necessary as the business should be conducted on one of the two testing days set by the Health Center, Tuesday or Wednesday. You should arrive with a negative test result from an external site within 72 hours of being on campus, unless you are fully vaccinated and beyond the 2 week waiting period, and the health center has a record of it.

Whether vaccinated or not, you must stop at the Health and Wellness Center upon arrival on campus for re-entry testing. On Tuesday, the testing time is 3pm-7pm and Wednesday from 9am-1pm. Please wait for the results of the rapid antigen test before beginning any work and moving about campus.

Campus Space Planning is underway for department relocations due to an increase in telecommute arrangements on a long term basis.  Additionally, the upper floors of O’Connor Hall will transition back to dorm space. Office space will become available in Scully. Putnam will continue to be available for isolation and quarantine rooms. Some offices in Mercy Hall will be relocated to other areas on campus as construction will begin for the Nursing Center for Innovation project in midsummer.

Campus Visitors

Use of the lakefront this summer will be limited to students living on campus, employees, and attendees at SJC camps and events. Lakefront cameras and signage will assist campus safety in monitoring activity levels and social distancing requirements.

Walking trails will be open to SJC community members and visitors.