Rebecca Barulli

Rebecca Barruli, Environmental Science '20

Changing the way we think about Sustainability and Local Food Systems

As a student worker at SJC’s hydroponic Freight Farm, Senior Rebecca Barruli is changing the face of sustainability at the college and beyond. Operated out of a shipping container, the Freight Farm serves as a test unit for a large-scale hydroponic farming operation in production across the street from campus. All produce grown there gets served directly to our campus community at Pearson’s Cafe. Although Rebecca entered SJC as a Marine Science major, she is now talking with the Freight Farm company, based in Boston, about working with them full-time after graduation. She says that her time working and living at SJC has shifted her area of focus and inspired her to help combat the growing problems facing agriculture and sustainability. To read more about Rebecca’s journey and sustainability on campus, check out the full-length profile on the SJC Magazine site.