Saint Joseph's College is proud to announce the launch of the Veterans Virtual Community. This new platform is a place where members of the College community who have or are currently serving in the armed forces, and their families, can gather and network in an inclusive, online environment.

The community, hosted in the online learning platform Brightspace, will be a place for discourse, member contributions, and SJC-hosted and curated content, tailored for veterans and active duty community members.

“We’re really excited to be launching the Veterans Virtual Community,” says David McCall, the College’s military enrollment coordinator and an online instructor. “This is our first opportunity to connect with these members of the College in this online, easy-to-access mode. This virtual community is boundless in its capability to reach active duty personnel and veterans across the country and the world.”

McCall, who is part of the College’s Veteran Task Force, notes that while the virtual community originated from within the task force, its open nature means that College community members will play a large role in shaping the program. “Of course we will curate content and host discussions, but this is first and foremost a place for our community members; we will encourage their participation in this project. They will be the authentic voice for this online community.”

“I’m super excited to be a part of the Virtual Veteran’s Community,” adds Michele Riley, adjunct history professor, who has played a key role in early efforts to get the group up and running. As both a military spouse and an online educator, she’s familiar with the importance of online networks and virtual connections. “We are hoping this new community will help veterans make contacts and receive the support they need to be successful in the online classroom setting.”

McCall shares similar aspirations for the group: “We’ve found that active duty service members and veterans share the same concerns, questions, and experiences. This is their opportunity to pass on their knowledge to others.”

Those who are interested in joining the Veterans Virtual Community are encouraged to contact McCall at or 207-893-7771. (“It’s currently open, and joining is as easy as enrolling in an online course,” he says.)