Bucks CountyCommunity College and Saint Joseph’s College, recognize the importanceof providing a seamless coordination between the associate and bachelor degreeenrollment. Together they have entered into a transfer agreement. This Transferagreement, provides transfer admission opportunities for graduates of BucksCounty Community College (Bucks) who are academically qualified and areinterested in completing their bachelor’s degree online with Saint Joseph’s College. Students will complete certified Saint Joseph’s Collegecredits as specified in the accompanying degree plan tables.

WelcomeGraduates of Bucks County Community College!

IMPORTANTBENEFIT: The application fee will be waived for all graduates of Bucks CountyCommunity College.

Note: Students interested in transferring into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program, please call an admissions counselor for further details at 800-752-4723.

Degree Plans

AA Business Administration to BSBA Accounting

AA Business Administration to BSBA Management

AA Business Administration to BSBA Sales Marketing

AA Criminal Justice to BSGS Criminal Justice

AA Liberal Arts Psychology to BSGS Adult Education & Training

AA Liberal Arts Psychology to BSGS Psychology

AA Liberal Arts Sociology to BSGS Human Service

AA Social Services to BSGS Human Services