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Where Community Grows.
Where Community Grows.

We Are Community

Saint Joe’s is the place where student life and community life come together.

“Get engaged, get lost, get gratitude”

Everyone in the entire gymnasium stood and clapped. Sister Marilyn Lacey, RSM, had just told the graduates at this year’s Commencement to “Get Engaged, Get Lost, Get Gratitude.” She explained how her life opened to God’s flow when she stopped crossing things off her daily “to-do list” and stepped outside her comfort zone to help [...]

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Meet David Morse ’08

David Morse ’08 thoroughly enjoys working with teenagers, so it’s not surprising to find him directing the St. John Valley Technical School in Frenchville, Maine, located just across the river from neighboring New Brunswick. Since 2005, he has been the principal of the school, one of 27 career and technical education schools for high school [...]

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Distance education marks 35th year: here is what has changed

The year is 1976. Big events include the Bicentennial of the Declaration of Independence, the launch of Apple Computers, the landing on Mars by the Viking spacecraft, the formation of Irish rock band U2 – and the introduction by Saint Joseph’s College of distance education for working adults. Thirty-five years ago, distance students could sign [...]

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Beyond Google: Searching for accuracy

As the sheer volume of information we can access continues growing at an exponential pace, how do you find the information you need and ensure that it is accurate and suitable? While Google and other sites open the door to mountains of information, their search rankings do not list websites in order according to accuracy. [...]

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The tradition of Judeo-Christian Tradition

Welcome to the core curriculum's religion class. “I didn’t really know what to expect,” says Kathleen Gilbert ’14 when asked about her class called Intro to Judeo-Christian Tradition. “I’m not really religious … so I didn’t know much about the Bible before I took the class. Now, I have a deeper understanding of Christianity and [...]

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Portrait of a professor as a writer

For Edward Rielly, growing up on a farm in Wisconsin and attending a oneroom schoolhouse are more than life experiences. They are continual sources of inspiration for his poems, articles, essays, short stories and books. A professor of English at Saint Joseph’s College since 1978, Dr. Rielly has been expressing himself on the printed page [...]

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New campus sculpture: organic meets metallic

A new sculpture called “Forest of the Mind” graces the campus landscape thanks to art professor Scott Fuller, who created and donated the organic-looking piece to the college. Fuller’s inspiration began with a photograph of dried echinacea vines lying on his kitchen windowsill. To ultimately form the sculpture, he manipulated the image extensively in Photoshop and [...]

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Literary magazine continues to bloom on campus

"Students study literature and create literature. It’s important for them to have an avenue where they can share their own writings with the larger community,” says English professor Edward Rielly. Dr. Rielly is referring to e.g., the campus literary magazine that has been published since at least 1962. (Unfortunately, its inaugural issue date is unknown.) Managed [...]

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